The Annoying Cough After COVID: How Long Should It Last?

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Jan, 23, 2023

The nagging cough after COVID…just how long does it last?

A dry cough is one of the most common COVID symptoms that patients complain of upon infection. The COVID virus is here to stay, and, unfortunately, so are many of its lasting side effects, including a chronic cough.

This post will share what you need to know about that annoying COVID cough  and how long the cough may last after infection — plus you’ll get useful tips to help soothe your throat.

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Need to Improve Workplace Communication? Try Mindful Listening

Posted by Seraine Page on Tue, Jan, 17, 2023

How good are you at mindful listening? 

As a leader, are you listening to your employees' needs — like really listening?

If not, you may be finding yourself on the other end of resentment, receiving lazy work, and even employees who are looking at quitting. With so many distractions in our lives, it’s easy to try to multitask while talking to someone. That’s where mindful listening comes into play.

This post will cover what mindful listening is, the benefits of using it in the workplace, and tips for how to practice it.

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5 Smart Health Reasons to Cut Back on Caffeine

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Jan, 12, 2023

Is it time to cut back on caffeine? 

A good cup of coffee is a great way to start the day. Or, if you prefer caffeinated waters, bars, mints, gums, etc. you know how it feels to have just a bit more pep in your step.

 Within five minutes, you can be energized. Amazing, isn’t it?

 There are some health conditions that can arise from too much caffeine throughout the day, though. Mayo Clinic states that up to 400 milligrams daily appears to be safe. But if you have health issues like anxiety or heart conditions, it may be time to closely consider how it impacts you.

Here’s a look at five reasons you may want to reduce your caffeine intake sooner rather than later.

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31 Achievable Healthy New Year’s Resolutions to Consider

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Jan, 09, 2023

Need some inspiration for healthy new year’s resolutions? 

Creating a list of resolutions can be overwhelming. As you write out your list, consider focusing on healthier choices that will lead to more productivity, happiness, and mental well-being. These will be the most rewarding even if the discipline aspect gets a bit challenging.

If you want to set goals that will help you become a better version of yourself today and in the future, then this healthy new year’s resolutions list is for you. Start with this list and build it out to make smarter health choices in the new year.

You’ll be glad you didn’t skip resolution creation when the end of the year rolls around.

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A 31-Day Health Challenge to Kick Off Your New Year Right

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Jan, 05, 2023

Want to work on your health straightaway in the new year? 

A 31-day health challenge is a perfect solution to do just that. Below, we share options to tackle your health in easy ways that will make a difference in how you feel daily.

Each day will offer a mini-challenge like:

  • Skipping salt
  • Unplugging
  • Getting outside
  • Drinking only water

Health challenges don’t need to be complicated, especially when you’re feeling exhausted from the holidays. Here’s your simple-to-follow 31-day health challenge:

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Why Are Healthy Habits Important at Work and Home?

Posted by Seraine Page on Tue, Jan, 03, 2023

Ever wonder why are healthy habits important?

For one, good habits can get you to where you want to be in life.

Healthy habits — both lifestyle and work-wise — are essential for happy and healthy employees. Every decision made (and we make millions each day) compacts and has a lasting impact on health and well-being. Well-crafted habits ensure goals are reached both professionally and personally. 

Below, we cover the importance of healthy habits and how they have a positive impact on life in the short term and long term at work and home.

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How Can I Get Fit For the New Year? Experts Weigh In

Posted by Seraine Page on Tue, Dec, 27, 2022

How can I get fit for the new year?

 If that question has been weighing on your mind (especially after you go in for that third cup of eggnog…) you’re not alone. Exercise and eating healthier are popular choices for New Year’s resolutions.

Yet research indicates about 80% of people abandon their goals by February. If you’re determined to get in shape in the new year, it’s possible with some planning and resourcefulness.

For added inspiration, we got insights from 13 experts on how to crush your fitness goals in 2023.

Here’s how to get fit for the new year:

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10 Smart Health Moves to Stay Healthy in Winter

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Dec, 19, 2022

Looking for ways to stay healthy in winter? 

As the cold weather sets in, it’s essential to think about how the changing of seasons impacts your health mentally and physically. If you have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, or other chronic health conditions, it’s important to understand what your risk is for cold-related health effects.

Luckily, there are multiple ways — from exploring mindfulness to staying hydrated — that can ensure the body stays healthy and strong this season.

Below, discover unique ways to keep your mind and body feeling good all winter long.

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3 Exciting Ways to Kickoff Your 2023 Workplace Wellness Campaigns

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Dec, 15, 2022

Need some thrilling workplace wellness campaigns to kick off 2023?

We’ve got you covered.

Yes, it’s certainly time to start wellness goal planning for 2023. For wellness coordinators and committees, resolutions should absolutely include workplace wellness goals and where you want to see your workplace go well-being-wise.

Your workers are your best asset, so ensuring they are well and thriving through your wellness programs and beyond is a wise move. Stumped on simple ways to reinvigorate your upcoming campaigns? No worries.

Below we share several unique ways to get everyone at work excited about wellness:

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How to Start Meditating Daily for Better Overall Health

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Dec, 12, 2022

Do you want to know how to start meditating daily? 

If it’s on your new year’s resolutions list, you’re not alone. Globally, it’s estimated between 200 to 500 million people meditate. Those folks may be onto something, too. The health perks of meditation are huge and bring about more self-awareness, fewer negative emotions, and even pain relief.

Starting a new skill or practice is hard. Trying to quiet the mind for meditation practice in a world that’s full of distractions can definitely be hard. It can feel even more challenging when it feels like there’s no roadmap or time to get started.

This post will share all the reasons to start meditation daily for improved health and tips to do it including starting small, finding the right quiet time to do it, and more.

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