Why Pandemic Anxiety Has Made Workplace Re-entry Hard for Many

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Jul, 14, 2022

People who have never experienced anxiety before were introduced to it in a forceful way during the pandemic that started back in 2020. The virus and its trickle effect caused increased stress for many who were forced to isolate and changed the way they connected with others.

As the pandemic evolved and stretched on, the impact on mental health became quite clear —the World Health Organization reported a 25% increase globally in anxiety and depression. The lack of socializing impacted everyone from children to avid business travelers and everyone in-between.

Now, in the post-pandemic world, social anxiety, depression, and even OCD symptoms may be impacting your workers more than you know when it comes to re-entry back into the workplace. As the virus evolves and continues to infect people — even the vaccinated — again and again, these issues of mental health can’t be ignored.  

Here’s a look at how post-pandemic anxiety could be impacting your workers as they make their way back into the workplace on a more permanent basis.

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All The Essential Flu News and Covid Updates You Need to Know

Posted by Seraine Page on Wed, Jul, 06, 2022

Here’s some less-than-thrilling flu news:

While flu season may be historically wrapped up, it's still going around. The flu and Covid are two respiratory illnesses workers need to be on the lookout for.

This post highlights the most recent news stories and research on the flu, including the recent spread of the avian flu, along with other important news around both the flu and Covid.

Give this a quick read and for all the flu news and Covid updates you need to know.

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Pres. Biden Orders COVID Vaccine Mandates for Large Employers

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Sep, 13, 2021

Most employers know they can place a COVID vaccine mandate on their team.

In early September, President Biden announced he was taking steps to get more Americans vaccinated and turn the tide on COVID-19.

On November 4, the administration rolled out two of those steps — two different vaccine rules covering more than 100 million workers.

The first rule, issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, covers companies with 100 or more employees. Companies must ensure that their workers are either fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Jan. 4, 2022 or that they test negative for COVID-19 at least once a week. The rule does not require employers to pay for or provide testing to workers who decline the vaccine.

A second rule issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services requires some 17 million health care workers to be vaccinated by the same deadline, Jan. 4, but with no option for weekly testing in lieu of vaccination. The rule covers all employees — clinical and non-clinical — at about 76,000 health care facilities that receive federal funding from Medicare or Medicaid.

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FDA Gives COVID Vaccine Approval to Pfizer

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Aug, 30, 2021

On August 23, 2021, the  U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first COVID-19 vaccine.

The much-anticipated approval was given to the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, which is for those ages 16 and older. The vaccine will be marketed as Comirnaty, according to an FDA news release.

Prior to August 23, the vaccine was distributed to citizens under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). This authorization allows the FDA to strengthen the nation’s public health protections that include infectious diseases by getting medical countermeasures out during public health emergencies.

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The Truth on Can Employers Really Mandate a COVID-19 Vaccine?

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Aug, 23, 2021

The question has circulated for a while: Can employers mandate a COVID-19 vaccine?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as one would think. But now that companies like Facebook and government entities like the VA are requiring employees to get the jab, it’s important to share what that means for both employers and employees. Some employers are even including the mandate in job listings these days.

Below, we share insight from a lawyer and attorney on the rules for employee mandated vaccines still under emergency authorization and who may be exempt. Plus, we’ll share a few ideas for incentivizing your staff to get their shots. 

Here’s a look at the most pressing question in the business world right now.

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Stay Well at Work: How to Prepare For a New COVID Outbreak

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Jul, 26, 2021

Staying well at work seems trickier than it used to be.

Unfortunately, COVID is making a comeback with new variants shutting down places like Australia and Bangladesh, halting business operations for many. With these new outbreaks (and some health organizations encouraging vaccinated folks to mask up again), it’s important for employers to stay vigilant in keeping their in-office teams safe.

With every state seeing an increase in COVID cases, it’s essential for companies to prepare and practice prevention efforts to keep the virus from spreading. In doing so, leadership can help employees who have come back into the office stay well at work and feel comfortable staying in the workplace.

“A simple trick to adopt in the office is to post reminders about health and safety throughout the office,” says Dr. Jaydeep Tripathy, a primary care doctor for DoctorSpring. “It should become common practice for everyone. Condition them to adopt such protocols so that it will be a normal practice for them.”

Want some more guidance?

Here’s what your company can do now to help your team stay well at work:

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Job Stress and COVID: Reduce Back-to-Work Anxiety for Your Team

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Jul, 15, 2021

Job stress is more real than ever.

Add in coming back to the workplace during an ongoing pandemic, and it’s enough to make most employees want to crawl back into bed. While gathering back to a somewhat normal workplace might feel exciting, it can also feel a bit terrifying, too.

During the past year, health officials have constantly reminded us to keep our personal interaction bubbles small, so it makes sense employees are feeling uneasy. Plus, every day we’re learning what is considered safe in the post-COVID vaccination world. With new updates daily, it can add fuel to the anxiety fire.

As employers, being empathetic and addressing those concerns will help make the adjustment back into the workplace easier for your employees.

Not sure exactly how to do that?

Below, we share insight on how to acknowledge employees’ concerns and a variety of ways to ease their anxiety.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Facts to Share With Your Team

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, May, 17, 2021

Now that more than 123 million Americans are fully vaccinated, COVID-19 vaccine conversations are now the norm.

But how do you help keep facts and fiction straight in the workplace?

While employers can’t control all conversations, they can control what’s distributed content-wise to their workers. By only sharing COVID-19 vaccine facts from verified and legit sources, it provides an opportunity for employees to self educate.

Below, we share all the facts your team needs to know about the vaccine.

This post offers the newest information about the shot, plus dos and don’ts for COVID chats in the workplace.

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