21 Mental Health Awareness Month Activities for the Workplace

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, May, 10, 2021

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

Given that each year, millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness, it’s an ideal time to bring the topic up in the workplace.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of mental health awareness month activities your team will no doubt get a lot out of if they participate.

This post offers 21 simple — yet effective — ways to bring mental health awareness into the workplace to destigmatize the issue and encourage workers to get the help they may need.

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Here’s How to Boost Workplace Health in 2021

Posted by Seraine Page on Wed, Apr, 14, 2021

It’s no surprise that in 2020, workers were more stressed-out than ever.

In the workforce, adapting to a “new normal” must include workplace health initiatives focused on improving workplace well-being. A special focus on mental health and stress management is an absolute must, according to the Mental Health America’s new Mind the Workplace 2021 Report.

The major takeaways of that report included:

  • Employees don’t have stress management support
  • Most employees are dealing with burnout symptoms
  • Employees are worried about their current financial situations
  • Workplace stress is severely impacting employees' mental health

The data compiled is from the Work Health Survey, which gathered insight from 5,030 U.S. employees across 17 industries. The survey ran from February to September 2020 and included details on burnout, supervisor support, workplace stress,  financial insecurity, and mental illness.

Chances are good your employees are dealing with these very same issues with or without your knowledge. As lockdowns ease and workers return to the office, productivity will thrive in companies where employee well-being is a daily consideration.

If you’re seeing these same concerns in your own workplace, there is hope to fix it.

Below, you’ll find strategies to tackle issues like burnout, stress management, and other employee concerns with ease.

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17 Simple Ways to Create a Happy Workplace

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Apr, 08, 2021

Work doesn’t have to be a drag.

In fact, striving for a happy workplace is a near guarantee of productivity and loyal employees. Research confirms workers are indeed 13% more productive when they have a reason to smile at work.

As a leader, looking for ways for employees to enjoy — not just endure — work is a priority that can easily get overlooked for daily business operations, especially in survival mode. Making time to ensure employees are feeling happy and fulfilled goes a long way. Plus, the perks are good for companies, too.

Happy workers are:

  • Loyal
  • Motivated
  • More productive
  • More successful

The happiest of workplaces are ones where employees feel appreciated, productive, and have a sense of control over their own work goals. A workplace where they feel well taken care of is one where most employees will happily thrive.

 This article covers 17 different ideas to make that happen.

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Observe National Walking Day to Encourage Walking for Health

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Apr, 01, 2021

National Walking Day is right around the corner.  

On April 7, walkers everywhere will hit their local sidewalks in stride.   

That makes this time of year the ideal time to start discussing the benefits of walking for health. The quarantine weight eventually has to come off — no excuses even if gyms are still closed — and walking is the perfect way to do it. It may also be the very easiest way to get fit.

Given that over 40% of Americans are obese, talking about physical activity needs to be a priority sooner rather than later. For some workplaces, this may include extending walking programs beyond National Walking Day.

Ready to share with employees the benefits of walking?

Read on to learn more and discover how to host your own walking event for National Walking Day in five simple steps!

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Why Employees’ Computer Posture is More Important Than You Think

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Mar, 01, 2021

How often are you paying attention to your employees’ computer posture?

These days, we’re all sitting in front of our computers a lot more — many of us at kitchen tables or makeshift workstations due to an abrupt need to work from home. Even if you’re still in an office, are your employees’ desks set up in an optimal way to avoid aches and pains?

Unfortunately, all that leaning over a make-do workspace can lead to serious health problems if it isn’t set up in an ergonomic manner. The link between poor posture and pain is evident.

The negative impact of poor sitting posture includes:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Back, neck, and bodily pains

Ready to learn how to make your employees’ workspace a healthier space to work in? This post will cover computer posture tips and why an ergonomic workstation is essential to your team’s overall good health.

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29 Ideas to Make Your Employee Newsletter Even More Engaging

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Feb, 04, 2021

Want to ensure your employee newsletters don’t get deleted as soon as it hits employees’ inboxes?

Then you have to engage your employees with the content!

A weekly or monthly newsletter is a great way to keep everyone updated on company happenings. Plus, a company newsletter can raise morale and broaden communication opportunities based on the content you put in it.

If you want to make sure your employees actually read the newsletter, keep it short and sweet. Skip sending novel-length newsletters. Above all, keep it equal parts focused on the employees and company news to keep them reading on.

Ready to revamp your employee newsletter?

 Here are 29 exciting content ideas to use in your planning process! 

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Your Favorite Wellness Blogs From Us in 2020

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Jan, 04, 2021

We know you have a choice when it comes to reading wellness blogs.

We want you to know that we’re so thankful you’ve landed on ours.

At whatever point you started reading the Employee Wellness Blog, we’re grateful. You’re the reason we’ve kept putting up wellness blogs weekly throughout 2020, despite perhaps the most unpredictable year on record. As a wrap-up for this year, we wanted to share our most-read blogs with you.

That includes:

  • 25 Quotes About Wellness Your Employees Need to Hear
  • How to Avoid a Sore Arm After Your Workplace Flu Shot
  • 6 Amazing Benefits of Morning Exercise
  • 14 Creative Ways to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Work
  • 5 Virtual Wellness Program Ideas to Engage Your Remote Employees
  • 7 Tips for Promoting Positivity in Your Workplace
  • 13 Tips on How to Stay Positive During Anxious Times
  • Indoor or Outdoor Flu Shot Clinic: Which Should You Pick?
  • Transform Your Walk into a Full-Body Workout
  • 13 Health and Wellness Conferences You Won’t Want to Miss in 2020

In 2021, we look forward to inspiring even more leaders to create regular wellness routines in the workplace. Without further ado, here are our 10 most popular blogs of 2020:

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8 Ways You Can Offer Employee Support During the COVID Era

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Dec, 21, 2020

How are you providing employee support during these uncertain times?

As COVID-19 continues to spread and impact businesses, it’s important to remember that your team is being impacted, too. More than ever, employees need support and encouragement to keep going.

 That support is always best when it comes from leaders.

Whether you offer support through an open-door policy, flexible work options, or simply promote wellness resources, doing so shows your team you care about their well-being and success.

Offering appropriate employee support helps your employees stress less and stay healthy because they know you’ve got their back — through thick and thin.

Here’s a look at how you can provide employee support during these unique times.

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Your Guilt-Free Holiday Healthy Eating Guide

Posted by Seraine Page on Wed, Nov, 18, 2020

Quarantine pounds + holiday pounds = too much weight gain.

Being mindful of holiday healthy eating can ensure you enjoy the holidays without overdoing it and adding inches to your waistline.

This year, you’re probably looking forward to the holidays more than ever. It’s understandable to want to indulge in all of your favorite foods. Even a small, low-key Thanksgiving or Christmas event is going to have some temptation to enjoy all the good food. Because after a year like 2020, we all deserve some joy, right?

That’s why we’ve put this short holiday healthy eating guide together: To help you enjoy your food-centered holidays without getting too carried away.

Below you’ll find:

  • Tips on how to avoid high-calorie fat traps
  • How to make make your holiday meals healthier
  • Advice for both hosts and guests on holiday healthy eating

Plus, you’ll get fun tips for “working off” that extra slice of pie if you do happen to go a little overboard.

Here’s to having a happy, healthy holiday with plenty of opportunities to enjoy delicious food and good company without guilt!

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The Best Food and Drink for the Flu to Heal Up Fast

Posted by Seraine Page on Wed, Oct, 28, 2020

When you’re sick with the flu, the last thing you want to do is plan meals.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best food and drink for the flu. This list is based on how each item can relieve your symptoms and help speed up recovery. Plus, most of them don’t take much time to prepare, so you can get back to resting ASAP.

Even if you don’t feel like eating, it’s important to at least try. In order to get better, you have to eat to maintain your strength and stay hydrated.

And since the cold and flu season is upon us, these food and drink options will work just as well if you’re dealing with a cold, too.

Ready to stock your cupboard with all the flu fighting essentials?

Here’s a list of the best foods and drinks for the flu:

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