All The Essential Flu News and Covid Updates You Need to Know

Posted by Seraine Page on Wed, Jul, 06, 2022

Here’s some less-than-thrilling flu news:FluFighter

While flu season may be historically wrapped up, it's still going around. The flu and Covid are two respiratory illnesses workers need to be on the lookout for.

This post highlights the most recent news stories and research on the flu, including the recent spread of the avian flu, along with other important news around both the flu and Covid.

Give this a quick read and for all the flu news and Covid updates you need to know.

Flu Activity Higher Than Usual This Time of Year

While May usually indicates the end of flu season — and just in time for summer— this year has been a bit different. Cases are still being reported across the country, including in states like Arizona. Experts report it’s quite late into the flu season to see such activity. Because of the late-season activity, flu surveillance was extended well past its normal end date of April 30 and into June. Luckily, cases have been trending downward since April, reports the CDC

New Research Could Lead to More Effective Ways to Treat Flu

Research led by University of California - Riverside bioengineers recently discovered how to block one strain of the flu virus from getting into a human protein needed to replicate in cells. This could lead to highly effective ways to treat the flu and, potentially, other respiratory viruses like Covid-19. The new research was published in the medical journal Viruses. Learn more here.

Food Allergy Risk Associated With Lower Risk of COVID

A new and interesting study funded by the National Institutes of Health found those with food allergies are less likely to catch Covid-19 than people without them. The study also uncovered that obesity and a high body mass index (BMI) are associated with increased Covid-19 infection, but asthma doesn’t increase the risk.

Flu + Covid-19 Increases Risk of Severe Illness and Death

Need another reason to encourage your team to get their flu shots and Covid shots this year? The University of Edinburgh found those adults hospitalized with both Covid-19 and the flu at the same time are at higher risk for severe disease and death compared to those battling Covid on its own. The March 2022 published details found that those with both conditions “were four times more likely to require ventilation support and 2.4 times more likely to die than if they only had Covid-19.”

Inhaled Vaccines Work Better Than Nasal Sprays

A recent study published in the Frontiers in Immunology medical journal found that inhaled aerosol vaccines were far more effective. Compared to nasal sprays, which just reach the nose and throat, an inhaled aerosol offers stronger immunity and longer protection. Researchers used a tuberculosis vaccine for the study but found it could be equally useful for future potential vaccination methods for other respiratory viruses like the flu or Covid-19. Scientists at McMaster Immunology Research Centre and the Department of Medicine have developed an inhaled form of the Covid vaccine which is currently in a Phase 1 trial.

Bird Flu is Impacting Humans and Animals

Bird flu is a disease caused by infection with avian flu Type A viruses. Earlier this year, the first outbreak was detected in Washington State. This strain has impacted geese, cranes, and even foxes, which often prey on birds that may be infected. While it hasn’t impacted a significant number of humans in terms of illness — only two cases have been reported in humans thus far — it is impacting an already pressed food supply. It’s also driving up the cost of poultry prices, too. The USDA and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) announced in May the flu contributed to the demise of 37.55 million poultry, according to the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.

Stay Updated on Flu News and COVID Research

As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” The more you know, the more you can share with your team when it comes to reputable and accurate health news. Keep your team updated with news articles and research that will keep them healthy and guide them to make smart lifestyle choices when it comes to preventable illnesses like the flu.

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