These New Features of Beata Will Help Your Employees Achieve Their Wellness Goals

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Mon, Apr, 09, 2018

TotalWellness has some exciting news! We added four new awesome features to our wellness program, Beata. Beata is a turnkey wellness solution powered through a user-friendly portal. Utilizing a wellness portal is an easy way for busy employers to manage an effective workplace wellness program. 

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Beata was designed to engage employees, encourage healthy behavior, and boost participation levels. It also helps simplify the overall process of a wellness program for both the employer and the employee. That’s why we consider Beata your “no sweat” wellness portal. It takes out all the hassle and stress of a wellness program so that employers and employees can focus on what’s truly important: employee health and wellness.

We built Beata on the power of positivity. It was designed specifically to help employers empower their employees to live healthier, happier lives. We removed all of the nonsense, and focused solely on features that truly help employees transform into the healthiest version of themselves.

Beata currently includes:

  • Biometric screenings. Beata integrates data obtained from employee biometric screenings into the platform and suggests recommendations for each user on an individual level. Employees can use this data to keep track of their health status year after year. 
  • Health assessment. Our health assessments provide employees with a snapshot of their current health status. We went a step further than traditional health assessments to create one that is simple, direct, and user-friendly. It’s also completely customizable to suit your company’s culture. 
  • Hello Healthy Coaching Series. Beata includes six-week, self-guided programs aimed to help employees create healthy habits. The series includes educational videos, motivational emails, and a workbook to help participants follow along each week. 
  • Wellness points. We created a calendar chock-full of a variety of individual wellness challenges. From nutrition to financial wellness, there’s something new each month to motivate every employee.
  • Event management. Managing participant registration has never been so easy. We help you manage all wellness events and activities, as well as provide appointment confirmation and reminder emails.
  • Incentive tracking. Beata’s incentive tracking is flexible to accommodate your budget and specific needs or activities. Employers can decide how, when, and what to reward employees.
  • Healthy recipes. We share a variety of healthy and delicious recipes to inspire employees to make positive nutritional choices. From breakfast to dessert, there’s a little something for everyone!
  • Wellness resources. Employees will have access to a plethora of health resources at the click of a button. Beata provides exercise tips, health news, monthly newsletters, and engaging resources covering all aspects of health and wellbeing. 
  • Calendar. Stay on track and organized! Many employers provide participation points for things such as lunch and learns, flu shot clinics, and local community activities. Plan it all through our calendar. 

In addition to these wellness portal must-haves, we are eager to present some new features that add even more activities and functionality to Beata. Our new features include: 

Translate Option.

Diversity is important to us. That’s why we added a translate option to Beata. Employees who would like to use the portal in Spanish can utilize the “Select Language” dropdown in the member navigation panel. 

Wellness Points Leaderboard. 

Never underestimate the power of some friendly competition! We added a fun, competitive edge to our Beata wellness points. Employees can select “Leaderboard” under the Wellness Points tab to see how they compete with other participating employees. And because we respect privacy, we made this new feature optional for your employees. Those who do not wish to be displayed on the leaderboard can disable this feature in their account settings. To access account settings, simply click your name in the navigation bar and select “My Account.” From there, you can opt-in or out to participate in the leaderboard.

Healthy Habits Tracker.

We wanted to make it easy for your employees to track their health habits. By using the Healthy Habits feature of Beata, employees will be able to gauge where they’re at in the program and set goals for the future. The healthy habits cover a wide range of wellness aspects including relaxation, mood tracking, staying happy at work, and spending more time outdoors. 

Employees can even integrate their favorite health tracking devices such as Fitbit and GoogleFit. This service is also optional, but we think it’s a wonderful tool for employees to stay focused and motivated on their health goals! 


We know that wellness challenges are one of the most exciting and engaging aspects of a wellness program. In addition to wellness challenges provided by TotalWellness, we created a flexible feature that allows employers to start their own wellness challenges for employees to compete in. Wellness is never one-size-fits-all, which is why we wanted employers to have the option to create their own challenges specifically tailored to their employee population.

These challenges will also be connected to the Healthy Habits Tracker. Participants can track their progress throughout wellness challenges through the healthy habits section. This makes it easy for employees to gauge where they are at throughout the challenge. 

We hope these new features of Beata help your employees achieve their wellness goals. If you would like to learn more about the Beata wellness program, click here to request a free demo!

Does your company currently use a wellness portal? Feel free to share in the comment section below! 

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