Going Beyond the Results: How One Company Utilized Screening Results to Improve Employee Health

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Thu, Mar, 29, 2018

Biometric screenings are a fantastic tool for employers to utilize. Screenings are an easy way to get employees involved in your workplace wellness initiatives and learn more about their current health status. They provide helpful information for both employers and employees by collecting health data that can be translated into actionable goals. It’s a convenient and free opportunity for employees to take a more active role in their health and gain some motivation to develop healthier habits. 


Typically, a biometric screening consists of a simple finger prick or venipuncture blood draw and measures the following health factors: 

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Blood pressure
  • Waist circumference
  • Glucose
  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL and LDL cholesterol
  • Triglycerides

Offering an annual biometric screening is an essential step in creating a successful employee wellness program. Results obtained from the screenings provide a baseline for employee health, and employers can use these results to track wellness progress, trends, and changes over time. Most screening providers provide an aggregate report after your company’s screening has been completed. While these reports are beneficial for collecting data, many employers aren’t exactly sure what to do with this data.

Employers can use aggregate reports to improve the health status of their workforce. The results from screenings can help you assess the overall employee population health risks at your company. These specific health risks can be addressed with new wellness challenges, goals, and educational opportunities.

TotalWellness recently teamed up with Migliaro Consulting & Event Specialists to deliver biometric screenings to the employees of Mascaro Construction. Amanda Rudd, Director of Corporate Wellness and Community Outreach at Mascaro Construction, and Melissa Migliaro, owner of Migliaro Consulting, thought outside of the box when it came to Mascaro’s screening results. Their wellness initiatives have made a positive impact on Mascaro’s employee population, and we think that their experience is a wonderful example of how employers can utilize the data collected from workplace health screenings to improve the health and wellbeing of employees. 

Mascaro Construction has been offering biometric health screenings for their employees for the past five years, and have been working with TotalWellness for the last two years now. According to Amanda, one of the things she looked for while choosing a screening partner was flexibility with testing. She was able to offer all employees and their spouses three different options for completing a biometric health screening: through on-site testing, through a visit to their primary care physician, or through a voucher with LabCorp.

“The results of all the screenings were compiled and sent to me at the end of the year in aggregate form – giving us a true picture of the health of our organization,” said Amanda. “These results also drive our wellness programming. After receiving our biometric results, it became clear that we needed a more robust nutrition program for 2018.” Amanda reached out to Melissa at Migliaro Consulting who set her up with Leslie Bonci for a lunch and learn series.  

Leslie is the successful owner of the nutrition consulting company, Active Eating Advice. She helps her clients develop a healthy relationship with food and make positive nutritional choices. “Leslie is the most amazing, knowledgeable, and engaging speaker we have ever had,” said Amanda. “She lays out the information clearly, with a no-nonsense approach that is truly captivating. Our employees are more engaged and aware of what they are eating, and are making changes to their daily eating habits.” 

Along with bringing in a guest speaker to educate and motivate employees, Amanda is also starting the Real Food Challenge with Mascaro’s wellness program this month in an effort to help employees improve their diets. Mascaro is also looking forward to hosting Leslie again in April. 


(Photo of Amanda receiving her health screening!)

Leslie was kind enough to share with us some of her thoughts on employee health screenings. According to Leslie, “to create a healthy selfie, we all need a starting point. Tangible information such as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other fitness measures give us the facts and figures to help prioritize, strategize, and optimize.” Leslie also believes that “eating goals are not one-size-fits all – but when we find the goal that resonates, it’s much more likely that we will make constructive changes to the plate. Being informed can help us to transform.” 


(Photo of Leslie speaking at Mascaro's lunch and learn series)

Melissa knows exactly how important follow-up is for employers – which is why she helps her clients connect with health and wellness experts that can help support behavior change. “We knew going into corporate wellness meant having the ability to provide the best in biometric screenings, along with the ability to follow-up with necessary workshops to support change in the workplace,” said Melissa. “Having sound results from TotalWellness has made our job easier when recommending follow-up seminars. The results are a clear indicator to the employer as to what the employees need, and the presenter has sound knowledge on what’s most important for the employees at that time.” 

Both Amanda and Melissa have done an excellent job of utilizing the aggregate data of Mascaro Construction’s employees. By analyzing the results and determining the main health risks of the employee population, they were able to determine that Mascaro’s employees could benefit from more wellness initiatives focused on nutrition. Bringing in Leslie to speak with employees and introducing a new wellness challenge has sparked behavior changes that can ultimately improve the health status of Mascaro’s workforce.   

To achieve the best outcomes for your employee biometric screenings, employers should take the time to really understand the data and determine the best approach for encouraging sustainable behavior change among employees. Drawing on the results gathered from biometric screening, employers should ask themselves some key questions such as: 

  • What risk factors am I trying to target?
  • What does the latest research suggest?
  • What are the expectations of my leadership team?
  • What do employees want?
  • What resources are available (money, time, etc.)?

After answering these questions, employers should find workshops, wellness challenges, or guest speakers that can help employees get going in the right direction. Without a follow-up plan in place, your employees might lose some steam after collecting their screening results. We hope this excellent example by Migliaro Consulting and Mascaro Construction inspires you to utilize your company’s screening results to promote a healthier workforce. 

How do you follow-up with employees after receiving your aggregate report? Let us know in the comment section below!

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