10 Must-Haves for a Remarkable Wellness Portal [Free Guide]

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Thu, Jan, 26, 2017

706.jpgWellness portals are not a new discovery. However, advances in technology have helped a wellness program become more accessible, engaging, and effective through a portal. A wellness portal is an online tool you can use to implement, manage, and track your wellness program. It serves as a platform that can be customized to your employees and the goals of your program.

Wellness portals are an extremely effective and useful tool for managing a wellness program. When designed and implemented properly, a wellness portal will help engage employees, encourage healthy behavior, and drive visitors. It should also help simplify the overall process of your wellness program for both the employer and the employee.

In our new guide, “10 Must-Haves for a Remarkable Wellness Portal” you will learn all about the essential features your wellness portal should offer and why they are an important part of your wellness program. Here is a quick overview of what you'll learn in the guide:

#1 Health Assessment

Health assessments are a necessary a tool for your wellness portal because they provide employees with a snapshot of their current health status and create a solid foundation for making lifestyle changes. A health assessment creates a teachable and actionable moment for your employees, which is a great first step for most wellness programs. 

#2 Education

Without educational resources, employees will feel lost in their wellness program and won’t know where to start. A remarkable wellness portal should stress the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in a factual manner that employees will be able to understand.

#3 Program Participation and Activity Tracking

A wellness portal should have the capability to automatically track employee participation and activity. This feature will make it easy for the administrator and employee see progress and usage statistics. Seeing progress will also help motivate your employees to keep up the good work.

#4 Mobile-Friendly

Being mobile-friendly is essential. An effective wellness portal will have a responsive design so that employees can access the portal anytime, anywhere. A mobile-friendly platform allows for consistent communication and interaction between employees and employers.

#5 Incentive Tracking

Make the administration of incentives easy! Your company will save a lot of time and energy with automatic incentive tracking. Employees will also be able to easily track and report their progress towards earning incentives.

#6 Support for Behavior Change

A wellness portal should not only explain the “why” of healthy activities, but also the “how to”. It’s important to give employees access to resources that support behavior change. Your employees should be able to keep track of new, healthy behaviors.

#7 Support for a Healthy Culture

A great wellness portal will support the growth of a healthy culture at your company. To support a healthy culture, the portal should include challenges and encourage interaction and positivity among employees.

#8 Holistic Focus

Like your wellness program, a wellness portal needs to relate to all aspects of health and wellness. It should include valuable resources that cover mental and emotional health, financial wellness, stress management, and more.

#9 Measure Employee Progress

A wellness portal provides the hard data behind your wellness initiative by measuring employee progress. Being able to measure employee progress over time will help you identify any areas of improvement for your employees or your wellness program.

#10 Simple, Easy-to-Use Design

Simple is better! A remarkable wellness portal will feature a simple, easy-to-use design. It should be user-friendly and visually appealing. Employees will be more likely to use a wellness portal if it’s not difficult or frustrating to navigate.

Discover even more ways these “must-haves” will help make your wellness portal remarkable – download your free guide today!

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