How Healthy Employees Will Give Your Company a Competitive Edge

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Mon, Nov, 21, 2016

ODUD8X0.jpgTrust us, you want your employees to be healthy. Having a healthy workforce reaps benefits that you may not even realize. Numerous companies have started to discover the link between employee wellness and employee work performance—which is why creating an employee wellness program is on the rise and becoming the forefront of company culture.   

Wellness programs are an effective way to improve employees’ mental, physical, and emotional health, which in turn will fundamentally contribute to a company’s success. When an organization decides to implement an employee wellness program, they are taking proactive steps to improve productivity, promote culture, and improve employee retention and recruitment. Here’s how healthy employees give companies a competitive edge:   

Productivity and Work Performance

Productivity flourishes with healthy workers. An obvious factor regarding productivity is that healthy employees are absent less often. Employees who have received the flu shot and live an overall healthier lifestyle don’t usually need to take as many sick days as their less-healthy counterparts.   

Integrated Benefits Institute published a study that found that companies with a strong commitment to a healthy workforce have employees who spend more time working, work more carefully, and concentrate better than employees at organizations that do not promote employee wellness. The study also stated that as more employers recognize that health influences productivity, as well as health care costs, health outcomes such as absence, disability, and performance are increasingly being brought into the larger discussion of the costs of poor employee health.

Stress Levels

Aside from problems with productivity and absence, high levels of stress are also a factor found in unhealthy employees, which negatively impacts work performance. Keep in mind that a “healthy employee” incudes both physical and mental wellness. Stress levels decrease when healthy habits are practiced daily. Eating right and exercising are clinically shown to reduce stress and lead to better sleep habits as well. Healthier employees with lower levels of stress will naturally have more energy, be less distracted, and have a better mindset during the workday.

Culture and Unity 

Promoting employee wellness creates a sense of unity and culture within the company. Employee wellness programs usually come with company sponsored activities outside of work such as races, volunteer work, or fitness classes. These activities give employees the chance to bond and get to know one another outside of work, creating a stronger workforce unit. When employees feel unified, feelings of belonging and satisfaction increase.

Employee Engagement

Wellness programs also cultivate employee engagement and involvement. If employees are given incentives to improve their personal health through a wellness program, many will be likely to participate. Engaged employees are more motivated because they feel that they are working for a purpose for their company.


Staff morale and employee confidence boosts through health as well. It’s no secret that when you look good, you feel good. Having a healthy staff means having a more confident staff that is ready to chase down leads and not second guess their worth in the company. 

Employee Retention and Recruitment

Companies with a strong and enjoyable work culture show higher levels in employee retention. Employees are more likely to stay with a company that cares about the wellbeing of its employees. Promoting a wellness program is a great way for an organization to show that they are dedicated to employee health and wellness.

Having a healthy workforce also helps to recruit other healthy workers to your company. If your organization has a reputation for caring about employees’ health and a great culture, recruitment will become a breeze! Better yet, you will be recruiting the right type of employees that will be a fit for your company.

A healthy lifestyle for your employees means not only more productivity and less sick days; it also means a happier life and a longer life for your employees as well. Investing in your employees’ health will not only give you a healthy workforce, but it will give your organization a competitive edge.

How does your wellness program give your company a competitive edge?

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