Here’s Why You Should Know the Health Status of Your Workforce

Posted by Becky Squiers on Mon, Aug, 29, 2016

Employee Health StatusMost biometric screenings culminate in some type of aggregate wellness report indicating the health status of your workforce. That aggregate report can be so valuable for your company—if you use it right.

Unfortunately, not every company uses their aggregate report correctly. Some companies don’t use it at all. Other companies don’t even host biometric screenings because they’re convinced the data won’t help them or that it’s none of their business.

And that’s a huge missed opportunity.

Just to be clear, aggregate reports are reports that display the health of your workforce as a whole. It’s not a list of each of your employees’ health statuses. In fact, their names aren’t even on it. It’s a completely anonymous overview, so it’s not putting your employees at any risk.

That overview information can be an awesome tool for your company. Here’s why.


Some industries are physically demanding. Some even require certain physical abilities. For those industries, aggregate reports are a clear asset. You can take a look at the health of your workforce to see if—as a whole—your team can get the job done.

Even in industries where manual labor isn’t required, health trends can indicate how well your employees will work. Healthier employees are more productive and more resilient—which means they’re less likely to make mistakes. If your aggregate report suggests a healthy workforce, you know your company is functioning at peak performance.

Corporate Environment

An aggregate health status report can also clue you in on things in the work environment that could be hurting your employees. You workforce spends a majority of their waking hours in your office building. It needs to be a place that empowers them and leads them along in their healthy lifestyle. It can’t be a place that drains them—they won’t want to stick around for long.

Taking a look at the trends in your aggregate report helps you notice hints at what might be happening in your work environment. Trends suggest areas that a majority of employees might struggle with. For example, if your employees trend towards high blood pressure, perhaps your work environment is too stressful.

Wellness Updates

Your wellness program needs to stay relevant to your employees’ needs. Your aggregate report shows you just what those needs are. The report indicates areas of your workforce’s health that might need improvement. You can tailor your wellness activities and information to those areas.

Not only does that help your program remain relevant, but it helps it to stay efficient. If you know exactly what will be valued and what will make a difference, you won’t need to waste any time or resources on things that don’t matter. You can cut to the chase, and address issues your employees are actually interested in.

Aggregate wellness reports from your biometric screening event can be an incredible tool for your company. These reports indicate what your employees are capable of, how your work environment affects them and what changes are necessary in your wellness program.

How do you use your aggregate wellness reports?

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