Why Your Small Business Needs a Wellness Program

Posted by Becky Squiers on Mon, Feb, 15, 2016

Small Business Wellness ProgramsIt’s no secret that small businesses have unique needs when compared with large businesses. Due to their small size, they also have unique opportunities.

The good news is that many small businesses recognize these opportunities when it comes to employee wellness. In fact, one study found 93% of small businesses believe employee health is good for their bottom line.

We definitely agree. Employee wellness can be an excellent tool for small businesses.

Here are just a few reasons why:


In small businesses, it’s not uncommon for employees to wear multiple hats. They might be responsible for a few different jobs. This heavier responsibility—as well as the multitasking that comes with it—can lead to higher levels of stress among the workforce. Prolonged stress can lead to both deteriorating mental and physical health.

Insurance Costs

Many small businesses struggle with our nation’s rising insurance costs. While larger businesses might have the rising costs built into their larger budget, it can really cause a problem for small businesses. A corporate wellness program is one way to address those rising costs by moving towards a healthier workforce.

Sick Days

When fewer employees work within a company, a bigger impact is felt when one employee isn’t working. If an employee at a small business takes a sick day, it can have a much more serious effect than the same situation at a larger business. Striving towards a healthier workforce via an employee wellness program is one step towards reducing the number of sick days taken at your company.


Employee wellness programs can bring about abstract benefits like a more productive workforce. This stems from the fact that happy, healthy employees who feel valued by their employer are simply more productive. These more productive employees mean that your small business can get more work done in less time and while spending fewer resources.


Healthy employees are happy employees. Not only is positivity and optimism link directly to health, but employees who participate in a wellness program often feel more supported by their employer. These happier employees tend to have higher levels of job satisfaction, which means your small business could see lower rates of turnover.

Office Epidemics

Fewer people in a smaller space can provide a unique challenge for small businesses when it comes to the spread of germs. If one person falls ill and still shows up for work, it’s only a matter of time before a large chunk of your workforce has met the same fate. Implementing a wellness program provides an excellent opportunity to educate employees about staying healthy and avoiding coming to work sick. It’s also a perfect platform to offer preventative healthcare services like flu vaccinations.

Employee wellness can be an absolute asset for small businesses. Not only does it address the unique challenges that small business face, but it can take full advantage of unique wellness activities that can’t be implemented on a larger scale.

With these great reasons in mind, take the time to examine your company culture to determine how employee health and wellness fit into your small business.

How do you do employee wellness at your small business?

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