How to Increase Productivity at Work and Dodge Distractions

Posted by Jamie Bell on Thu, Apr, 17, 2014

Your office has a productivity problem, whether you're aware of it or not. The source of your setbacks doesn't necessarily stem directly from your employees, but from a combination of environmental and cultural factors that interrupt, distract and slow down the efficiency of your workforce. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions to help you get the most out of your employees without resorting to micromanagement, banning the use of the Internet or destroying your staff's work-life balance. How to Increase Productivity Office

The first step to increasing productivity at work is to recognize the pitfalls and learn to avoid them. From unnecessary meetings and long hours to social media and lack of sleep, we've identified over 25 areas that could be bringing your business down. Consider e-mail, for example. While we all rely on it as an almost preferred form of corporate communication, that pop-up notification every time you get an e-mail is likely breaking your concentration and creating distractions throughout the day. Additionally, think about how often a long and winding e-mail string could have been broken down into a five minute face-to-face conversation, saving time and resulting in a better solution. 

Here are a few of our other favorite ways to increase productivity: 

  • Take breaks. It'll allow you to recharge and refresh your ideas. 
  • Try tackling the most important task (or the task you're avoiding) first thing in the day. 
  • Learn to disconnect. For some people, that means no e-mail after 10 P.M.; for others, it means a "disconnected day," like Saturday or Sunday, where they unhook from their computers and cell phones and spend time focusing on family and friends. 
  • Recognize your team member's contributions. 
  • Send out formal agendas before large meetings. 
  • Be sure your coworkers have the proper tools needed to get their work done. Whether it's new software or just a break room stocked with healthy snacks, create and environment that supports the team. 
  • Implement a wellness program that rewards employees for being healthy and gives them advice on how to improve. A combination of biometric screenings, health fairs and other wellness perks can do wonders for boosting employee productivity and creating a positive company culture. 
  • Develop standard procedures or process documents for anything that takes a lot of time. 
  • Get inspired. If you're finding it difficult to stay motivated, try listening to a short TEDTalk or podcast, reading an article or listening to a song that gets you pumped up. 

We've compiled a full guide for increasing productivity at work that includes the pitfalls to avoid and over 40 suggestions for boosting efficiency as an individual, as a team and as a manager. Download the complete resource here and start streamlining your workforce once and for all. 

How do you keep your team on track and stay focused? Comment below. 

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