10 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment

Posted by Jamie Bell on Fri, Feb, 28, 2014

Every employee wants to have that job where they wake up every morning and are eager to get to the office and start their day. With a few simple suggestions for boosting employee morale, you can create a positive work environment where employees are headed to work with a smile on their face. As a result, your staff will also be less stressed, more productive and looking forward to their future at your company.

1.) Celebrate. Whether it’s sending out happy birthday emails, having holiday potlucks or throwing a baby shower, take the time out to celebrate your employees’ milestones and achievements. These little moments of appreciation remind your coworkers that the office is truly a part of their lives.7742 101413 gs7742 (1)

2.) Be thankful. As a boss, it can be easy to just expect employees to do what you ask of them. Try expressing your thankfulness more often, whether it’s to the assistant who helped you wrap up a project or to the vice president that offered you helpful advice.  Keep your gratitude sincere and subtle and you’ll see that it goes far in creating a positive attitude in the workplace.

3.) Encourage mentoring. This strategy is key for creating a positive work environment, especially for new hires. Establishing these relationships in your office can help employees feel that they have strong emotional and psychological support, giving them someone to turn to in a stressful situation. Having that positive tie to a mentor will help foster corporate loyalty.

4.) Be approachable. A lot of CEOs say they have an “open door policy” but don’t make time for their employees when it comes down to it. Be sure that you’re always interacting with your staff in an encouraging manner. Watch your body language and be sure your speech is respectful, appreciative and shows genuine interest in what’s going on throughout all levels of the company.

5.) Build creative, collaborative spaces. One of our favorite principles of the theory of active design is the creation of spaces that encourage collaboration. Building brightly-lit, vibrant areas where employees can interact and bounce ideas off each other helps fight against that “cubicle mentality” where employees never leave their desks.

6.) Exercise. It’s no secret that a wellness program helps in boosting employee morale and increases productivity. Whether it’s clearing a walking path around the building or offering discounted gym memberships, giving employees a space to engage in physical activity is an easy way to reduce stress and sick days among your staff. Pair it with a wellness program like ours to maximize the benefit. 

7.) Create achievable but meaningful goals. While a yearly sales goal is a great way to keep the business on track, the meaning can get lost in the day-to-day grind. Creating small, do-able goals for your employees on a weekly or monthly basis can help foster a real sense of achievement and develop that positive attitude in the workplace.

8.) Engage in small acts of kindness. Whether it’s bringing snacks for your coworkers or just asking them if they need any help, doing something for someone else is a surefire way to make you feel good about your day.

9.) Go on lunch breaks. Whether you need the alone time to clear your head or are looking to build relationships with your coworkers, lunch breaks are often a completely overlooked opportunity. Encourage employees to stop eating lunch at their desks and start interacting with their coworkers, whether it’s out at a restaurant or just in the break room.

10.) Be proactive. Find ways to turn any negative aspects of your workplace into a positive development. If a specific employee is bringing the mood down, talk to them gently and give them constructive criticism, rather than allowing them to perpetually drag down their other coworkers.

How do you boost employee morale in the office and keep the positive energy going? Comment below. 
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