Why Do We Choose Positivity For Our Biometric Screenings?

Posted by Becky Squiers on Thu, Jul, 30, 2015

Positivity in WellnessWe strive for positivity in all of our health and wellness events. We want to give your employees an experience that’s inspiring, memorable and not at all scary.

There are a few main reasons we outright focus on positivity at our events.

Because nobody else does. More specifically, because we’re out to change the fact that nobody else does. Positivity is important in all healthcare settings, and it’s about time that was recognized.

Because we don’t like scare tactics. Many companies fall into a habit of using scare tactics to try to motivate people to make changes. These empty threats go against our belief that everyone is healthy and has healthy habits.

They also cause a lot of stress and anxiety, which is not good for anyone’s health. It turns out that none of that stress is even worth it because the motivation to make healthy changes wears off as soon as the fear subsides.

Because positivity is just plain good for your health. Being an optimist can have some major healthy benefits. It improves immune response, decreases distress, lowers risk for depression and increases life expectancy.

Many of these can be attributed to the fact that positive, optimistic people are more resilient. Illnesses don’t last as long, stress doesn’t impact as intensely and not much can really get these positive people down.

So how do we act on our positive thoughts?

It really comes down to messaging. What words and language do we use when we interact with others? At TotalWellness, we try to remember these four attributes of positive messaging:

We're personal. We tell stories instead of spouting off statistics.

We're encouraging. We congratulate the good things rather than instilling guilt for the bad.

We're passionate. We develop an air of excitement about health at your events.

We're empowering. We help your employees realize their strengths and how they can build off those.

We try to be these four things in our interactions in all aspects of our work. Jump on board and just watch your own interactions soar.

Positivity is simply the best way to go. We try our best to act on that belief all throughout our business. We use these ideas to help inspire employees nationwide to become happier, healthier versions of who they already are.

Does that sound like something you’re interested in?

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