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The Best Health and Wellness Conferences to Attend in 2019

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Jan 24, 2019

As you plan out your year, you may be thinking about which conferences to attend for professional development and inspiration.

If you’re feeling uninspired to promote wellness initiatives, a conference may rejuvenate your planning process.

Throughout the year, the top industry experts gather at these events to share resources and network with management, wellness coordinators, and HR specialists looking to bring change back to their companies.

There’s no better place to find motivation and new ideas than a conference where you can discover industry trends and learn about what your peers are doing to make their own wellness programs work. 

Plus, workshops dive deeper into topics you may need a little extra training in.

Since it can be exhausting trying to find the right conference, we’ve rounded up the top health and wellness conferences and summits of 2019.

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Our 10 Most Popular Blogs in 2018

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Dec 20, 2018

The final month of the year is here. We hope you’re feeling happier and healthier than when 2018 started, especially if you read our blog.

It’s our goal to spread well-researched health information and wellness tips. So far, we’ve got blog subscribers in all 50 states and across the globe.

Our readers are dedicated to learning more about healthy living in countries like France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Kenya, Italy, Chile, Brazil, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, and beyond.

In 2019, we look forward to inspiring even more readers.

Until then, we’ve collected your favorite blogs this year and put them in one spot.

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Your Employees Might Not be Satisfied With Their Work-Life Balance

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Thu, Aug 02, 2018

While “work-life balance” might be a popular buzz term in the past few years, many employees have yet to reach a positive relationship between their work life and personal life. A survey from earlier this year conducted by FlexJobs found that more professionals are struggling with work-life balance now than they were three years ago. The survey analyzed results from over 1,200 employees to determine how work impacts their work-life balance, relationships, health, stress levels, physical fitness, and more. 

Unfortunately, the survey didn’t reveal good news. According to its results:

  • Only 30% of employees are currently satisfied with their work-life balance, compared to 45% in the same survey administered three years ago
  • 37% of employees reported being stressed by their level of work-life balance – up from 29% in 2015

It was also noted that work was a top source of stress, with 86% of survey respondents reporting that work “conflicts with their efforts to take care of their overall health.” So, what can employers learn from this survey? Many studies have shown that traditional office schedules do more harm than good when it comes to employee health, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. 

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Would Your Workplace Benefit From an Office Meditation Program?

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Mon, May 14, 2018

Many innovative companies are looking for new, effective ways to boost employee wellness. The power of mindfulness has been on the rise for many employers that are looking to help improve productivity, boost mental-wellbeing, and reduce some stress in the workplace – and for good reason. Research has shown how practicing mindfulness on a regular basis can train your brain to better process emotions, stress, and help you focus on the present moment.

One of the most popular ways to practice mindfulness is through meditation. Meditation is a mind-body practice that’s been used for centuries to promote calmness, improve physiological balance, and improve overall health. There are many studies that have demonstrated how beneficial regular meditation can be on the mind and body. Which is why more and more companies are starting to offer a meditation program for employees.

If your workforce deals with stress, emotional health issues, or low morale, you’ll likely benefit from implementing a meditation program. Meditation programs have a lot of amazing health and wellness benefits that will have a positive impact on your employees. Let’s take a look at some of the powerful benefits of implementing a workplace meditation program:

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What Does the New Blood Pressure Guideline Mean For Your Employee Wellness Program?

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Thu, Nov 16, 2017

The American Heart Association (AHA) has changed the definition of hypertension (high blood pressure) for the first time in 14 years. Previously, the standard for stage one of hypertension was 140/90, and has now been revised to 130/80. The previous standard, 140/90, is now considered stage two of hypertension. 

What does this guideline revision mean for us? Millions more of American adults will be diagnosed with hypertension. The percentage of adults living with high blood pressure has increased from 32% to 46% with the new guidelines in place. This means that nearly half of adults are at risk for serious health problems due to hypertension.

According to the AHA, the new guideline is designed to help people take preventative steps to control their blood pressure earlier in life. This is especially important because hypertension is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke, which are the two leading causes of death in the world.

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The Health Status Report of America’s Workforce 2016 [Free Download]

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Thu, Mar 23, 2017

Are you curious about how your company compares to the health status of America’s workforce? If so, we have a great resource for you! Each year, we perform biometric screenings at companies all across the country. We work with all types of companies to screen employees in all walks of business and demographics.

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How to Encourage Healthy Eating in Your Employee Wellness Program

Posted by Becky Squiers on Thu, Mar 09, 2017

Sometimes there’s a fine line between what you should and shouldn’t encourage your employees to do. After all, you’re a part of their work life, so you shouldn’t go traipsing into their personal life too much. That doesn’t mean you can't care about their well-being in all aspects of life. 

So, how do you address something like a healthy diet? Here are some ideas that can help you encourage healthy eating without being too pushy!

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Three Ways to Support Holistic Employee Wellbeing

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Mon, Dec 12, 2016

Wellness is a broad term that can be applied in several different ways. It can mean something a little different to everyone. When hearing the word "wellness," some might immediately think of fitness, while others may think of nutrition or diet. While eating and exercise are two vital factors in wellness, they do not account for all factors attributed to holistic wellness.

Your company is missing an opportunity if your wellness program is only focusing on physical wellbeing. Wellness programs should look at the full continuum of mental, emotional, and physical elements of an employee to improve corporate wellness. An excellent way to do this is by supporting holistic employee wellbeing.

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DIY: Make Your Own Standing Desk

Posted by Becky Squiers on Thu, Nov 03, 2016

You’ve probably heard all the dangers of sitting for a majority of the day. It’s a huge risk faced by today’s working folks because we tend to be tied to a computer desk all day long.

People throw solutions to sitting disease around all the time. Everyone thinks they know how to fight what a sedentary lifestyle does to their bodies.

Some of those solutions might seem like a great idea. But a lot of times, they don’t come without an expensive cost. One awesome, effective and costly solution is the standing desk.

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Optimize Your Breakroom for Wellness

Posted by Becky Squiers on Mon, Oct 24, 2016

The breakroom is where your employees go to re-charge throughout the day. Even if they don’t spend a significant amount of time in that room, it’s still a re-charging, rejuvenating space.

That’s because your breakroom houses all the things your employees need to take powerful breaks throughout the day. It’s where everyone goes to get coffee or water. It houses people’s lunches or snacks. And in some offices, it’s even a place to restock on supplies.

Creating healthy break time for your employees is one way you can empower their healthy decisions throughout the day. Make each of your employees’ experiences in the breakroom a positive, healthy experience.

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