7 Easy Ways to Promote National Immunization Awareness Month at Work

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Aug, 01, 2022

Ready to talk about immunizations in a more exciting way?NIAM

Now is the time to do it as August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM).

Each year, this observance is held to highlight the importance of vaccination for all age groups. While the COVID-19 vaccine is still getting press, it’s essential for your team to remember there are other shots that keep them healthy, too.

If you’re tired of giving the same spiel about the flu or COVID shot, change it up. Have some fun with it during National Immunization Awareness Month with games, printed materials your staff can read on their own time, and more.

Here are 7 simple ways to keep this health topic educational and interesting.

1. Test Your Team With Immunization Trivia

The more knowledge your team has when it comes to vaccinations, the better. When the time comes, they can make the best decision for themselves when it’s their time to vaccinate. One way to do this to make important vaccination facts stick in their minds is by playing a immunization trivia game during NIAM.

Types of questions or true/false statements to ask:

  • True or False: You should get a flu shot every year.
  • Does MMR stand for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella or Measles, Mumps, and Rabies?
  • Who typically gets the diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis-containing vaccine known as DTaP?

When creating questions, be sure to pull information from sites like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the most accurate information.

2. Participate in “Go Give One”

The unique Go Give One campaign was created by the WHO Foundation for a global reach to administer vaccinations. The money donated goes to the Gavi COVAX AMC, a fund for lower-income countries to receive COVID-19 vaccines. Companies like eBay, Blue State, and Etsy are global partners for the program. You can join by registering your company to the campaign and having a matching gifts program to allow customers and employees to donate.

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3. Play the “Take a Jab” Game

This game is another playful way to tackle a serious topic while making it memorable. Write vaccine facts and stats on a slip of paper to place inside a balloon, blow it up and have employees take turns throwing darts. When one pops, they read aloud the vaccine facts to the group.

Some facts to put inside:

  • FACT: Almost all the ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccines are also ingredients in many foods – fats, sugars, and salts
  • FACT: The U.S. flu season begins in the fall and runs through early spring. The best way to protect yourself from the flu and its complications is an annual flu shot
  • FACT: There are more than 20 vaccines to prevent life-threatening diseases like measles.
  • FACT: Immunization currently prevents 3.5-5 million deaths every year.

Check out the World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC for fact sheets to create your game.

4. Schedule a Future Flu Shot Clinic

Between October 2021 through June 2022, there were up to 170,000 hospital visits due to the flu. Additionally, there were nearly 14,000 deaths due to the flu. While the exact timing of flu season varies each year, getting organized now for your fall flu shot clinic is a smart move. Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February, so you’ll want to get your team vaccinated before then. It’s best to host a flu shot clinic before the end of October. Start sending out the details to your team now, especially if you cover the cost of a flu shot.

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5. Post NIAM Graphics

If you’re creative, now is the time to put your artistic talents to use. Create graphics to print and hang around the office or send in your weekly office email newsletter.

Ideas for graphic designs:

  • Announcements for your flu shot clinic
  • Marketing material for a COVID shot clinic
  • Facts about the safety of vaccinations
  • The importance of vaccinating on time
  • 7 reasons to be updated on vaccines
  • General material advertising National Immunization Awareness Month

Not so creative? No worries. The CDC has a variety of graphics that can be printed or used on your social media platforms to spread the word during National Immunization Awareness Month.

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6. Host a COVID-19 Shot Clinic

As it appears now, COVID-19 isn’t going away. Now, 20 different COVID-19 variants have been identified and neutralized thanks to a third booster, according to a new study. The study results indicated immunity wanes 20 weeks post-vaccination, but a third booster seems to help the immune system neutralize numerous variants. Consider hosting and/or planning a quarterly COVID-19 shot clinic to help keep your team updated on boosters. Doing so could keep your employees healthy and/or slow the spread of COVID in the office.

7. Share the List of Recommended Vaccines By Disease

Luckily, scientific research has generated vaccines that keep serious diseases away for many people. From birth, physicians recommend vaccinations to reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases like measles. These vaccines have saved millions of lives, but it’s important to stay updated on them.

You may need vaccinations based on:

  • Age
  • Job
  • Location
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel schedule
  • Health conditions

 From measles to whooping cough and polio to shingles, there are numerous deadly diseases that your employees should consider being vaccinated against. See the full list here and share it with your team this month!

Ready to Promote National Immunization Awareness Month?

The importance of vaccinations never goes away. In order to keep healthy communities and workplaces, updated vaccinations are important for everyone.

During August, take advantage of the literature and resources available to promote National Immunization Awareness Month in your workplace. It may just save a life!

Website resources to consider this month:

  • National Health Council
  • World Health Organization
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • ​​National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

 Educate by using the best resources available that are the most accurate and scientifically proven. Doing so can build trust and help your employees better understand the consequences and benefits of vaccinating themselves and their loved ones.

 How do you plan to promote NIAM? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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