24 Awesome Workplace Wellness Activities Now that the Weather Doesn’t Suck

Posted by Becky Squiers on Thu, May, 26, 2016

Unsplash.jpgHealth is just easier when it’s nice out. Not only is it easier to get outside and get moving when the weather is gorgeous and inviting, but you’re also not tempted by the bad health habits of winter weather.

You won’t be tempted to curl up on the couch with your favorite comfort foods, or watch a movie instead of doing the yardwork. Now that the weather’s nice, it’s also natural to want to show off a hot bod with tank tops and shorts.

When it’s nice outside people are just more willing to take steps towards a healthy lifestyle. You have an excellent opportunity to use your wellness program to capitalize on your employees’ willingness to work on their health.

Your employees are thinking about health. Your wellness program should be the outlet for them to turn those thoughts into actions!

Here are 24 awesome wellness activities you can do at your workplace now that the weather is finally enjoyable.

Grab a laptop and work outside.
Turn your meetings into walking meetings.
Run a race as a team.
Walk during your lunch break.
Start a worksite community garden.
Go to the farmer’s market (or provide coupons for the farmer’s market).
Have a sidewalk chalk drawing contest.
Open up the windows in the office.
Host a DIY “boot camp” in your parking lot using fitness videos online (maybe invite your office neighbors?).
Have a car wash at work.
Organize a company field day.
Take a “mental health” day (choose a day that’s not usually too busy in your office).
Have a company-wide picnic.
Support local shops and businesses by walking to them during lunch breaks.
Take part in a community-supported agriculture program.
Have flexible summer hours.
Plan your flu shot clinic (nothing to do with the weather, but it is a good time to start planning for flu season!).
Join a sports league.
Volunteer in your community.
Give your employees a recess.
Take a vacation (or at least don’t shame employees who do!).
Have half-day Fridays.
Allow casual attire in the office.
Plan a corporate garage sale (to get rid of that office clutter).

Beautiful weather means beautiful steps towards a healthy lifestyle. People are simply willing to think about and act on their health during this time of the year. The nasty weather is gone, and the positive attitudes are here!

Use your wellness program to take full advantage of the positive perception of health. These 24 wellness activities are things you can do right where you work. What other wellness activities do you enjoy now that the weather doesn’t suck?

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