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10 Must-Haves for a Remarkable Wellness Portal [Free Guide]

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Thu, Jan 26, 2017

Wellness portals are not a new discovery. However, advances in technology have helped a wellness program become more accessible, engaging, and effective through a portal. A wellness portal is an online tool you can use to implement, manage, and track your wellness program. It serves as a platform that can be customized to your employees and the goals of your program.

Wellness portals are an extremely effective and useful tool for managing a wellness program. When designed and implemented properly, a wellness portal will help engage employees, encourage healthy behavior, and drive visitors. It should also help simplify the overall process of your wellness program for both the employer and the employee.

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When Wearables Don’t Work in Your Wellness Program

Posted by Becky Squiers on Thu, Mar 24, 2016

Wearable fitness trackers can be a great tool for employee wellness. Many employers have begun to use wearables as tools for tracking physical activity, measuring sticks for challenge participation and even as incentives.

All of those things make wearables work in wellness—for some companies. Unfortunately using wearable fitness trackers isn’t always a feasible option for many companies. In some cases, the tech trend doesn’t even fit the company culture.

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The Role of Technology in Corporate Wellness Programs

Posted by Becky Squiers on Thu, Dec 03, 2015

Technology is officially everywhere. It’s always new. It’s always trendy. And, it’s always changing. Keeping up with the tech world can be nearly impossible. Combine that with the always changing atmosphere of the wellness world, and we’ve got a real challenge on our hands.

Tech and wellness can complement each other nicely, but it’s important to remember not to sacrifice function for the flashiness of new trends. If you’re thinking about working the latest tech trends into your corporate wellness program, consider these three areas of wellness. 

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Tools for Corporate Wellness Program Evaluation

Posted by Becky Squiers on Mon, Sep 21, 2015

Tools for EvaluationEvaluating your corporate wellness program is important on multiple levels. Obviously evaluation helps you to decide what in your program really works. Aside from affirming your success, evaluating your program allows you to:

  • Try new things with research to back them up.
  • Avoid wasting resources on things that simply aren’t working.
  • Prove yourself and your success to potential funders or program supporters.

So as you can (hopefully) see, evaluation is important. But it can be a daunting task. Don’t worry too much, though, because there are a number of tools that can help.

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Will the Apple Watch Affect Your Corporate Wellness Program?

Posted by Becky Squiers on Mon, Apr 20, 2015

Odds are you’ve heard the hype about Apple’s latest gadget, the Apple Watch. With its release originally scheduled for this week, we thought we’d give you some insight into how the Apple Watch compares to regular wearable fitness trackers when it comes to employee wellness.

Early wearers have provided mixed reviews about the infamous Apple Watch. Does it really stack up as a benefit for the average employee? Take a look at our pre-release analysis.

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Tablet Technology at Biometric Screening Events

Posted by Becky Squiers on Mon, Mar 02, 2015

TabletWith the digital world slowly taking over our lives, it’s about time biometric screenings got on board. As with any event that deals with private health information, it’s important to make the necessary security measures, which puts us a little behind the times. But, watch out world—TotalWellness has tablets!

We’ve recently introduced the option of collecting data digitally at our onsite screening events. To ease any concern that might come with this new option, we’re here to lay out the details of tablet data collection at biometric screening events.

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Wearables Can Integrate with Your Corporate Wellness Program

Posted by Becky Squiers on Thu, Feb 05, 2015

Wearable wellness technology is all the rage, but many wearers don’t know the best ways to use wearables. In the even bigger setting of employee wellness programs, the use of wearables can be even more vague.

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5 Ways a Wellness Portal Can Save You Time

Posted by Lisa Stovall on Wed, Nov 06, 2013

If you're a HR pro who manages wellness or a worksite wellness manager, you probably deal with one or more of these on a daily basis: employee communication, event management, incentive tracking, reporting on results and the list goes on. The days are long but there is never enough time to get everything done.

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Tap into the Power of Social Media to Build Your Wellness Program

Posted by Lisa Stovall on Thu, Mar 28, 2013

It’s no secret that social media is transforming the way people communicate in the workplace. Today more companies are realizing the value of engaging their employees online and are using tools, like forums, blogs and social networks, to enable their staff to converse, collaborate and connect.

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5 Ways a Wellness Portal Can Help Reach Employees

Posted by Lisa Stovall on Thu, Jan 31, 2013

90 percent of young adults use their smartphone first thing in the morning, often before they get out of bed, according to the Cisco Connected World Technology Report. The third annual report surveyed 3,600 young people ages 18-30 from 18 countries on their tech habits using electronic devices.

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