When Should You Start Talking About Corporate Flu Shot Clinics?

Posted by Becky Squiers on Mon, Jun, 20, 2016

IMG_0740.jpgHow early is too early to start your corporate conversation about flu shots? Well, it depends who you’re talking to. Honestly, there are people who talk about flu shots all year long.

Your role as the flu shot coordinator where you work is to figure out when it’s your turn to jump in on their conversations. You know you need to protect your workforce in the fall, but how early should your planning start.

The Experts: Late Spring

Alright, we’ll admit it might be difficult to get the actual experts on the phone. We’re sure the head of the CDC is pretty busy. It is important to take time before any flu conversations, though, to consult what the experts have predicted for the coming flu season.

Some of the world’s best and brightest flu experts get together early in the spring to make recommendations on what flu strains should be covered in the vaccine for the following year. They base their predictions on the flu trends around the globe.

It might seem early because the previous flu season is only just winding down, but it’s necessary. Manufacturing of enough flu vaccine to go around can take months!

So while you can’t probably chat with the experts directly, pay attention to what they’re saying starting in late spring. Be sure to keep an eye on the recommendations they announce. Note any major changes in manufacturing and start thinking about which flu vaccine is right for your workforce.

Corporate Wellness Leadership: Early Summer

Once you know what’s being projected for flu season by the experts, you’ll need to take that information back to your wellness team. There are a few things you and your team will need to discuss.

First, you’ll need to choose a vaccine. Take a look at the needs of your employees, do some research and pick which type of vaccine is right for your workforce.

Next, you’ll need to look into logistics. There are lots of ways you can provide flu shots for your employees. You could bring a clinic on-site at your office, provide flu shot vouchers for local pharmacies, or even do some combination of the two.

Finally—with all that information in mind—you’ll need to pick a vendor. Corporate flu shots are about the needs of your workforce. So be picky. Ask questions, and find the flu shot vendor that’s right for you.

Your Employees: Early Fall

When it comes to actually communicating about the flu with your employees, you’ll want to stay ahead of the game. Don’t wait until the first cases of the flu emerge in your office, and don’t wait for the media buzz.

Communicate early. Communicate often. And be sure your communication includes:

  • Instructions about your corporate flu shot options
  • Information about leave and time off for sick employees and employees with sick children
  • Guidance on personal hygiene to avoid flu germs in the office
  • Credible trend information on the corporate and personal impact of past flu seasons

Ultimately, your employees are the most important stakeholder in your flu conversations. All of this talk about flu is to protect them from getting sick, and to protect you from an office epidemic.

Here at TotalWellness, we talk about flu season all year long. We’re firm believers in early flu communication! Think about your flu season planning early, and get these conversations going to help your workforce stay healthy this fall.

Have you started talking about your corporate flu shots yet? Why not?

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