Optimize Your Breakroom for Wellness

Posted by Becky Squiers on Mon, Oct, 24, 2016

break-room-1094823_960_720.jpgThe breakroom is where your employees go to re-charge throughout the day. Even if they don’t spend a significant amount of time in that room, it’s still a re-charging, rejuvenating space.

That’s because your breakroom houses all the things your employees need to take powerful breaks throughout the day. It’s where everyone goes to get coffee or water. It houses people’s lunches or snacks. And in some offices, it’s even a place to restock on supplies.

Creating healthy break time for your employees is one way you can empower their healthy decisions throughout the day. Make each of your employees’ experiences in the breakroom a positive, healthy experience.

Make Water Easy

Hydrating with water should be the easy choice at work. Be sure to have a water cooler that works and cups that aren’t too small. You could also invest in an ice maker or flavor packets to make water an even easier choice.

Good Coffee

Splurge a little to get the coffee your employees actually want to drink. Many workplaces—ours included—are switching to single-cup brewing systems like Keurig. That way every employee can have exactly the cup of coffee they like.

Healthy Snacks

Most employees will choose the complimentary breakroom snacks over purchasing their own. So be sure to provide free, healthy snack options for your employees. It can be a simple as whole fruit, vegetables or natural granola bars.

Fridge System

Providing a fridge system that works is one of the best ways to encourage employees to actually use the fridge. You’ll need to invest in a fridge large enough for your workforce, and establish a labeling system that’s clear to everyone.


In this day and age, most places make some effort to recycle. It is not only good for the environment, but helps provide a healthier place for us to live and work. If you don’t have a recycle bin anywhere else in the office, get one in the breakroom.

Labels and Markers

You can encourage employees to bring their own lunches and snacks by ensuring those lunches and snacks won’t be snatched up. Make your food labeling system clear and easy by providing labels (or tape) and markers or pens.


There’s nothing more uninviting than a dirty breakroom—it can also be stressful and physically unhealthy. Be sure you keep the breakroom clean and organized. Make it a stress-free space for employees to enjoy a few minutes throughout the day.

Utensils and Supplies

There’s nothing more frustrating than packing a lunch and feeling like you need to pack your entire kitchen along with it. You can make homemade lunches a better option for your employees by providing plates, bowls and silverware for them to use. If you don’t have a sink or dish-washing system, keep the disposable supplies well-stocked.

A healthy breakroom really can be the foundation to a healthy workday. It can be a place that helps relieve stress and encourage healthy habits (like hydration and homemade lunches) throughout the day.

How is your breakroom optimized for your employees’ health?

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