6 Ways to Increase Water Consumption In Your Office

Posted by JD Thornton on Tue, Aug, 05, 2014

Experts tell us that the body consists of at least 60% water, in varying levels throughout our anatomy. It is well-known that water consumption is vital for survival, but our society often forgets the benefits of water consumption, especially in the workplace.Capture

Because our brains are 90% water, high water consumption helps improve sleep quality and energy levels, as well as our ability to focus, our clarity of mind, and our awareness and alertness. This, in turn, helps us become more productive at work. Experts also say that water consumption can help manage chronic illness, reduce the likelihood of dental cavities and decay, and even fight off the flu. Just think about all the sick days simply increasing water consumption could save!

So how can you help your employees increase their water intake?

1)  The simplest answer is to make water readily available to your employees. Since most people prefer cold water, the best option would be to install a water cooler in the office and ensure it always contains water and is in good working order. If your office is large, you may wish to install more than one in various locations. The better the quality of water the better the benefits, so a water filtration or purifying system is helpful.

2) Educate your employees about the benefits of drinking water. These benefits extend beyond survival to a thriving quality of life, improving energy and mood, boosting metabolism and aiding weight loss, energizing muscles for exercise, improving skin and helping one look younger, as well as other health benefits. Know your company culture and your employees’ motivations, and help them to understand how increasing their water intake can improve their lives, both at work and at home.

3) Make it fun and popular! Provide your employees with insulated reusable water bottles or mugs complete with your company logo. This will not only give them something to use for water, but could also provide a form of marketing for your brand. Using bright colors and fun designs can also boost the chances the water bottles will be used regularly.

4) Provide water-rich alternatives to plain water. You can stock the company break room with unsweetened tea or juice, sparkling water, or even fruit. Infusing water with fresh fruit has become a popular trend, and just consuming fresh fruit and vegetables, such as watermelon and celery, can increase the water intake into the body.

5) Compete with water games designed to encourage the consumption of water. Place bets on who can drink the most (within reason), encourage employees to track their consumption, and offer prizes for the winners. Provide water cards that track water consumption, much like coffee cards from your local coffee shop, and offer prizes for completed cards. Host a charity drive in which tracking water consumption raises funds for a local charity organization. Get creative with all the different ways you can make water consumption fun and front of mind for your employees.

6) Lead by example. Be visible about your water consumption. Use that fun company-labeled water bottle, be seen by the water cooler refilling it often, and be vocal about your reasons for increasing your own water consumption, as well as your results.

Do you have other ideas about how to encourage your employees to increase their water consumption? If so, comment below and tell us about what would give your employees some liquid courage!

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