The 13 Best Memes & Gifs for Handwashing Awareness Week

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Nov, 21, 2022

National Handwashing Awareness Week is almost here.

During the first full week of December — and well into cold and flu season — comes a celebration of clean hands. This year the dates fall Dec. 4-10.

While you may be tired of hearing “wash your hands” from every public health official, it’s true that washing hands saves lives. It keeps germs from spreading in spaces like workplaces, schools, and the general community.

In an effort to not bore you with another wash your hands well lecture, we’ve rounded up the best handwashing memes and gifs on the internet. Share these far and wide during National Handwashing Awareness Week.

Here’s to spreading humor, not germs.

1.  Like Your Hands Are on Fire

2. Remember Handwashing Police Are Everywhere 

3. Please Don’t Save Your Germs for Later  

4. Yoda Knows Best 

5. When You Never Hear the Sink After a Flush… 

6. Don’t Forget… 


7. Even Kids Know Better...  wash-your-hands-rvpba1

8. Don’t Let the Automatic Faucets Decide for You… 

9. Germs Are Evil 


10. That Actually Would Be Great 

11. Even Homer Knows to Wash Dirty Hands 


12. Smart Thinking…  

13. Maybe Use a Little Lotion Afterward  

Spread Wisdom During Handwashing Awareness Week  

One of the top ways for everyone to stay healthy now and through the holidays is to practice good hand-washing hygiene. As a reminder, when dirty hands have direct contact with your eyes, mouth, or nose, it’s easy for an infectious disease to enter your body. Keep hands clean by scrubbing them when visibly dirty, after bathroom trips, and always before eating.

Additional handwashing and germ awareness resources:

Germs spread quickly. A good scrub for 30-plus seconds with clean, soapy water will get the job done. As an employer, ensure that access to sinks is available for all employees in eating areas and bathrooms. Keeping sink areas well-stocked with supplies like soap and water and a drying method (towels or a hand dryer) can reduce the spread of germs as well.

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