8 Companies with Enviable Wellness Perks

Posted by Becky Squiers on Mon, Feb, 29, 2016

Wellness PerksA couple years ago we brought you a list of some innovate companies with excellent wellness perks. We all know the world of wellness is always changing and growing. So we’ve decided to bring you a new list of companies who have taken wellness to the next level.

Check out these eight companies that offer wellness perks we all want to take advantage of. Even if you don’t have the means to adopt these specific wellness perks, consider them inspiration for innovative wellness ideas of your own.


At Microsoft, employees would never really need to leave work. The company offers an onsite spa, sports field, bank, dry-cleaning, salon and even shops and restaurants. If employees don’t want to be on campus all the time, they can take advantage of flexible hours, paid gym memberships and a full health package that includes dental, vision and physician house calls.


CamelBak embodies their brand image with their Bak to Health program. Through the program, they offer healthy snack stations, worksite massages, fitness events, flexible hours and a paid sabbatical after seven years. They also host a variety of challenges and health-based competitions.


Not only does Genentech offer a variety of healthy cafeteria options, but they actually have onsite farmer’s markets and food stands! Outside of healthy eating, the company makes balancing work and family easier by providing childcare centers and flexible hours for parents. Among the daily healthy activities, employees can recharge by taking a six week paid sabbatical every six years.


Zappos encourages employees to stay in shape with an onsite fitness center and weight management programs. They also offer free primary care and generic prescriptions to all of their employees. And that’s not all. Employees can take advantage of 24-hours access telemedicine, orthodontic coverage and wellness coaches.


As a game company, Hasbro takes every opportunity to show they value family. With perks like “Bring Your Child to Work Day,” flexible hours, sick days as needed and a one-week shutdown at the end of each year, the company practices what they preach when it comes to familial health.


Twitter employees can take advantage of the delicious healthy food offered at HQ, as well as an onsite gym with CrossFit classes. Perhaps the most enviable perk, however, is the fact that the company doesn’t keep track of PTO or vacation days. Twitter figures each employee knows when time off is necessary to reboot.


SolidFire offers a variety of wellness perks including unlimited PTO, weekly worksite massages, an onsite game room and completely employer-paid health coverage. Employees can also take advantage of a cash bonus by trading in their parking pass for a healthier form of transportation.


Wellness participants at Sparks can take advantage of subsidized lunches every day. That means for $5, they can load up on whatever healthy cafeteria options they want every single day. Sparks also offers innovative wellness events like summer barbeques and a “Bring Your Dog to Work” program.

We know it’s not feasible to make all of these great wellness perks work in your company. Take a look at what you do offer, and then take a look at these eight wellness programs. It’s okay to envy these wellness perks, but only if you use them to spark ideas for your own, innovative wellness activities. If you need some more inspiration check out 121 Employee Wellness Program Ideas For Your Office

What fun wellness perks does your company have? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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