5 Ways to Create a Great Morning Routine

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Apr, 22, 2019

When you wake up each morning, do you start your day off in a rush?Good Morning

If so, it might be time to consider creating a familiar morning routine to slow you down.

Morning routines can increase productivity, positivity, health, and reduce stress throughout the day.

Developing a morning routine can be difficult, but is worth the effort. For non-morning folks, giving yourself something to look forward to in the morning (coffee, anyone?) can make it easier to get going.

Starting off the day organized builds confidence that the rest of the day will go smoothly. When you have a productive morning routine, it’s guaranteed to make your morning that much more efficient.

Ready to get started?

Here are 5 easy ways to start the day off right:

1. Move Your Body 

Get moving first thing in the morning to immediately boost your energy. The later you push off exercising, the less likely it’s going to happen as your day unfolds. Even if you do some light stretching or yoga, it helps your circulation and heart rate to get going.

Morning stretching or exercise can:

  • Increase circulation and flexibility
  • Gets your metabolism going
  • Help you stick to the habit
  • Energize your body

Research shows that working out in the morning can help improve overall sleep, which may lead to weight loss. Make your morning exercise routine an appointment you can’t cancel on yourself. Consider it as important as a standing coffee date with a good friend — if you miss it you’d be disappointed and less energized.

2. Make Your Bed

Now that you’re an adult you probably thought you could get away with not making your bed, huh? Studies actually show your mom was right that making your bed is important to do. According to National Sleep Foundation research, bed makers tend to rest better at night. In fact, 62% of sleepers felt that sleeping in a tidy bedroom helped them feel more relaxed.

Why bed-making matters:

  • Starts your day with a sense of accomplishment
  • Makes your room more inviting
  • Leads to other organized habits

 Also, who wants to wrestle with bed sheets and “making” your bed just before climbing in for sleep? When you don’t have a crumpled mess to climb into, it makes it a much more relaxing atmosphere to doze off in.

3. Drink a Glass of H2O

Most of us struggle to drink the suggested amount of water daily. Start your day off right by downing a glass as soon as you get up! Have a glass by your nightstand or by your sink in the morning to remind you to start hydrating.

Why your body needs water ASAP in the morning:

  • Rehydrate to get your energy levels up
  • Can give your metabolism a boost
  • Gets bowels moving

To remember how much water to drink throughout the day: Recall the 8x8 rule of thumb. That’s eight 8-ounce glasses. Hate plain water? Add fruit for a refreshing drink and essential vitamins. Here’s a water challenge to start drinking more H2O!

4. Meditate

Even if you wake up stressed about the day ahead, a few minutes of meditation can help you relax. Mindfulness is proven to build resilience and reduce emotional reaction to stress. It doesn’t have to be a day-long session to offer benefits, either.

How to meditate in the morning:

  • Turn on spa music or sit in silence
  • Set a timer for five minutes
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath
  • Continue deep breathing until the timer goes off

Ultimately, meditation calms your mind and helps you deal with stressful situations from a more thoughtful perspective throughout the day.

5. Use a Gratitude Journal

When you start your day off with a grateful heart, it creates a positive vibe that can last all day. Set your alarm for a few minutes earlier to make time to reflect on your blessings or happiness. You can even include this as part of your meditation practice.

How to get the most out of your journaling:

  • Take it to pen and paper
  • List 3-5 things you’re grateful for every day
  • Review your list when you’re having a tough day

For best results, try to journal daily. It will allow you to discover thought patterns and build self-awareness. Not a writer? Make a bulleted list in your phone.

Your Productive Morning Routine Will Take Time

The benefits of a morning routine are worth the effort.

Some of the most powerful entrepreneurs and leaders have had their morning routines documented and written about over the years. There’s something to be said for daily habits of the most successful people in the business world.

So, why not give it a try?

 It all starts with a plan and some steps.

A nighttime routine can improve morning routines, too. Finding little ways to create a slower pace in the morning might mean doing a few tasks at night like picking the next day’s outfit, meal prepping for the week’s lunches, etc.

Above all, remember that habits take time to develop and form.

Ease into a  new routine, and know it’s okay to add in steps to improve the flow. The idea of creating a routine is to reduce stress, not add to it.

If it doesn’t work for you, ditch it ASAP. Your morning routine will be as productive as you make it, and personalizing it to fit your needs will make it work the best.

What does your productive morning routine look like? Share in the comments below!

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