5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Host a Biometric Health Screening

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Aug, 08, 2019

Is your company leadership thinking about hosting a biometric health screening?Five

The results of a biometric screening can drive wellness initiatives that create an overall healthier workforce.

It's also a great investment in the health of individual employees. These screenings can help employees take the first step to healthier living by knowing what their baseline of health looks like.

A biometric screening includes:

  • Blood pressure
  • Height/Weight/Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Waist circumference
  • Glucose
  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL
  • LDL
  • Triglycerides

On-site biometric screenings are an easy way for employees to get instant results and health directives. It also provides leadership a full picture of the overall health of their team.

Curious about the benefits of hosting one? 

Here are five reasons why hosting an on-site biometric health screening is a great idea:

1. Offers Employees a Baseline Annual Health Screening

A lot of people are not fans of going to the doctor. For employees who are hesitant to go to the doc, a biometric health screening could be a good reintroduction to working on their health. Once they complete a biometric screening, they may feel encouraged to schedule that annual physical appointment. This is especially important if their results indicate a potential underlying health issue.

2. Wellness Goals Become Laser-Focused

If your company wellness committee has been shooting in the dark on the types of programs to offer, it could be because there’s not enough employee wellness feedback. When you host an on-site biometric screening, you’ll get data that can help better sculpt your future wellness offerings. If most employees have a high BMI and blood pressure reading, focusing efforts on diet and exercise would be more effective than perhaps programs only focused on smoking cessation.

3. Incentivizes Health Checkups

You can't force any of your employees to participate in a biometric screening, but you can excite them. Consider doing small giveaways to get them to sign up. Raffle off gym memberships, free mental health leave days, or even small wellness gift baskets. The more folks you have participating, the better idea you have of the overall wellness of your team.

4. Shorter Wait Than the Doc’s Office

While a biometric health screening should never replace an annual visit to the doctor, it can encourage participants to make that annual appointment. In much less time than a wait at a doctor’s office, a biometric screening can reveal health concerns like high blood pressure or a higher-than-normal Body Mass Index (BMI).

5. Instant Results Can Trigger Lifestyle Changes

There's nothing like having instant results to encourage employees to launch healthier lifestyle choices.  If an employee sees that their blood pressure and cholesterol is high, — and their parents died of heart disease — those automatic screening results can be a positive trigger to make important lifestyle changes. Plus, it offers employers a way to use that emotional response to dive right into a healthy lifestyle wellness campaign like The Real Food Challenge.

Easy-to-Read Data Reports Offered Post Screening

There's no need to do any fancy mathematical algorithms to calculate the biometric screening data.

For example, TotalWellness offers a final results report known as aggregate data that’s included in your biometric screening price. This information is compiled for HR and leadership to better tailor wellness initiatives and programs to serve the specific needs of employees.

Each year you can compare data to your previous biometric screening results. By doing so, your wellness committees can adjust programs and incentives. That means less budget waste on programs that don’t work. It also means developing wellness programs that better benefit the majority of workers.

Best of all, you can provide biometric screenings to all your employees — even the remote ones — to ensure your workforce is healthy across the board, not just in the office.

Ready to get more details about biometric health screenings? Reach out to TotalWellness today to get a free on-site biometric screening quote! 

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