5 Healthy Office Habits That Will Make You Happier At Work

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Sep, 19, 2019

Healthy-office-habitsGood habits are a must.

When you combine good working habits with healthy office habits, it’s a recipe for success and fulfillment in the workplace.

With some adjustment, behavioral changes like exercising, eating healthier, and staying organized can lead to feeling happier, more productive, and more satisfied.

Healthy habits can be hard to develop and keep, but are worth it for the long-term benefit. They can impact your health both mentally and physically by improving your mood and energy levels, for starters.

If you could make your life easier and healthier at work, wouldn’t you?

Read on for five healthy office habits to start using today!

1. Get Organized

You don't have to Marie Kondo your office for the benefits of being organized. In fact, WebMD reports just 10 minutes of clearing unwanted items from your workspace can boost your energy for the day!

Take a few minutes each day to:

  • Declutter your workspace
  • Purge items you don’t use
  • Prioritize your workload and tasks
  • Don’t procrastinate (tackle the hard stuff first!)

If you do this enough, it will spill over into your personal life as well. Once you get organized, maintaining it is key. Try to spend a few minutes each day organizing small areas of your life to keep the habit alive.

 2. Use Your Company Benefits

When you work hard, you want to make sure you're using all of your company benefits. One habit to consider is routinely going over your benefits and seeing what's working for your lifestyle and what needs to be adjusted.

A few benefits to look at:

  • Enroll in your company’s 401k
  • Don’t forget to explore other retirement-related tax breaks
  • Look into medical spending accounts
  • Ask about stock options and other financial perks

Most companies have employee benefits packages. Does your company offer incentives like gym memberships or other discount programs? Make sure you're taking advantage of everything that would benefit you in a positive way, especially health programs!

3. Be Social

Socializing with friends and co-workers can improve your physical and mental health. Those who socialize often live longer and have stronger immune systems to fight off colds and the flu. 

Enjoy your colleagues more by:

  • Interacting and collaborating on projects
  • Asking for opinions or help when stuck on a task
  • Help others when you can
  • Take part in office challenges and events

Besides, who wants to go an entire workday without talking to anyone? The day will go by faster — and be more enjoyable! — when you work with your teammates instead of just beside them.

4. Be Healthy

It's easy to get sucked into sitting all day long, especially in an office where you use the computer every day. Even if you work in a sedentary role,  try to stay as active and healthy as possible. Get your co-workers to join in, too!

Ways to stay healthy even when you’re working:

Additionally, it’s important to be mindful of stress levels. Stress can creep into your mental space and physically weaken your body, too. Consider practicing deep breathing and other stress management techniques throughout the day to alleviate stress.

5. Think Positive

Everyone has bad days, and it’s important to try to keep things in perspective. One saying to remember during difficult times is: “It’s a bad day, not a bad life.”

Ways to keep it positive at work:

  • Smile at others when you see them
  • Hang out with positive colleagues
  • Decorate your work area with what makes you happy
  • Know your mission and strive to achieve it daily

Having a positive mindset allows you to deal with negative situations better. Mayo Clinic reports positive thinking health benefits include lowered depression rates, increased life span, and resistance to the common cold!

Start Using Good Working Habits Today  

These are simple adjustments to create healthy office habits as soon as today!

Good working habits should be healthy, but also habits that make employees feel more productive and efficient in their roles. Workers watch leadership, and if leaders make the above habits an important part of workplace culture, employees are likely to follow.

Want a more interactive way to encourage healthy office habits?

Consider creating a specific wellness program or setting up a challenge to get employees excited about making positive changes with new habits. The most important habits will be the ones that stick!

Want to learn more about good habit building techniques? Check out our free guide: Building Healthy Habits to get your employees excited about making positive changes!

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