11 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas That Are Easy and Affordable

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Feb, 27, 2020

Employee Appreciation Day Your employees are the reason your company is thriving — so why not show them some love on Employee Appreciation Day?

This year, it falls on March 6. That’s a Friday, which makes it the perfect time to have a low-key celebration honoring your employees.

Not only is showing your employees appreciation great for engagement purposes, but it also is a chance to reflect your company culture. 

Plus, it’s healthy for your employees! According to psychological studies, when a person is shown gratitude it can increase their metabolism, lessen stress, and even improve their sleep habits!

Need some affordable and quick ways to show your employees how you adore all that they do in the workplace?

Here are 11 Employee Appreciation Day ideas your employees will love:

  1. Offer a healthy catered lunch - Remind employees you’ll be providing lunch for them the day before you do it. Order lunch for the whole office from your team’s favorite local restaurant. Bring in colorful salads and whole-food options that will keep your employees feeling satisfied and energized. Ask team members about allergen requests, too.

  2. Go for a walk - As a team, take a walk together. The fresh air is good for everyone. Don’t count it toward break times, either. As a bonus, make it a scavenger hunt where employees can pick up fun little gifts along the way, too.

  3. Get coffee on the house - If you’ve got a big team of coffee drinkers, go ahead and buy ‘em their favorite caffeinated beverage. When you hand them out, thank them individually for their hard work. Plus, coffee is good for their health!

  4. Offer a half-day - Surprise your employees with a half-day off on March 6. Let them know at the start of the week so they can take as much advantage of the time off as possible!

  5. Give ‘em swag - Everyone loves free stuff. Put branded company gear on your employees’ desks the morning of Employee Appreciation Day. T-shirts, hand sanitizer, stress balls, and lunch boxes are all useful swag to emblazon with your company logo! Add a note of thanks, too.

  6. Set up an art day - Let your employees experience some art therapy. Bring in a local art studio to do a paint or drawing class for your employees. Create your own wine and art studio right in your company break room!

  7. Have a pizza party - Remember the days in elementary school when your class was rewarded with a pizza party? It’s just as exciting for adults to be surprised with a pizza pie for lunch. Order a variety of pies for your crew, along with some gluten-free and dairy-free options for those with food allergies.

  8. Hand out certificates - If you need a real quick appreciation idea, this is it. Customize certificates and hand them out to employees on the morning of Employee Appreciation Day. Fun titles like “Most Creative Employee” or “Best Tie Award” will give them a chuckle. Offer a personalized card as well, thanking them for their hard work.

  9. Go on a lunch hour field trip - If you want to get your team out of the office, treat them to a fun field trip. Head to the local arcade, farm-to-table restaurant, or even an escape room — whatever best fits your company culture and budget. They’ll love the change of scenery.

  10. Double break times - Give your employees double the break time during Employee Appreciation Day. They’ll appreciate the extra time for a relaxed lunch hour or opportunity to run errands.

  11. Leave a basketful of gifts - If you have a smaller office, you can create customized corporate gift baskets for your employees. Add in useful supplies like fun pens, hand sanitizer, a gift card to their favorite sandwich shop, etc. and put it on their desk. Don’t forget to add a thoughtful note!

Employee Appreciation Day Ideas Don’t Have to Be Complicated

Saying thanks to your employees is an on-going process that shouldn’t just be reserved for one day.

But if you want to make them feel extra special, consider the Employee Appreciation Day ideas above. It’s a day where you can publicly and privately show them how much you appreciate their hard work.

This “holiday” was created as a means of strengthening the bond between employer and employee. Whatever you do for your employees, make sure it’s a reward or reflection of gratitude that best fits your company’s style.

Perhaps best of all, acknowledging your employees offers an immediate emotion of happiness. Most employers would agree that knowing their staff is happy is the biggest reward of all. The emotions felt during this celebration can also inspire a “pay it forward” mentality, which creates a cycle of productivity and employee wellness in the workplace.

How do you plan to show your employees your gratitude during Employee Appreciation Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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