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How to Create an Employee Wellness Plan [Infographic]

Posted by Lisa Stovall on Wed, Jul 11, 2012

Let's say you're a workplace wellness or HR professional and you've just finished gathering data
about the health status of your employee population. You've done biometric screenings, a health risk assessment, medical claim analysis and conducted an employee interest survey. 

Now comes the fun part. Writing the wellness operating plan.

The operating plan is the foundation of the wellness program. Developing a great plan takes time, effort and resources - it forces you to sort through the details in advance. And even though it may take a few months to build, it will empower you to move forward and get things done. Coming up with a plan can seem like an overwhelming task but it's an essential part of creating an impactful wellness program. 

Before starting, you need to understand why you are building a wellness program in the first place. Are you doing it to reduce health care costs or looking to increase employee engagement or do you simply want healthier employees? By understanding your purpose first, you'll be able to build the right plan to reach your goals. 

Ready to go? Follow these steps outlined below - think of it as a "roadmap" to creating an exceptional employee wellness plan.

How to create an employee wellness plan - Infographic

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