Pregnant Participants at Wellness Events: What You Need to Know

Posted by Andrea Oster on Thu, Oct, 04, 2018

As a wellness professional, you need to interact with all types of people in all stages of life at your wellness events. That includes pregnant women.

It’s a great thing to come across pregnant participants at wellness events. These women should be more in tune with their health than the average person because the healthier they are, the better their pregnancy will be. Attending a wellness event is a great step for a pregnant woman to learn more about her health, and how her pregnancy is impacting her health.

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Using VanishPoint® Syringes to Administer Flu Shots

Posted by Andrea Oster on Tue, Sep, 18, 2018

At our flu shot events, we use the VanishPoint® syringes. These syringes have automated needle retraction to help reduce your risk for exposure to the contaminated needle. They’re a single-use syringe that can only be used with the attached needle. 

We send 1mL, 1-inch needle VanishPoint® safety syringes and 3mL, 1 1/2-inch needle VanishPoint® safety syringes to events with multi-dose vials of vaccine. You can easily tell the difference between the two sizes of VanishPoint® syringes by looking at the end of the plunger. The 1mL, 1-inch needle VanishPoint®safety syringe plunger ends are clear. The 3mL, 1 1/2-inch needle VanishPoint® safety syringe plunger ends are orange. When manufacturer filled syringes are used, we send 1-inch and 1 1/2-inch safety needles. 

For the most part, VanishPoint® syringes work like any other syringe you’ve used. We thought we’d give you a little overview, though, so you know exactly what to expect.

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How to Store Vaccine for Your Next Flu Event

Posted by Andrea Oster on Wed, Sep, 05, 2018

The easiest way to ensure you’ll show up at a wellness event with effective, non-damaged flu vaccine is to store it properly the entire time it’s in your possession. Remember that the primary contractor is responsible for receiving vaccine shipments, storing vaccine and transporting vaccine to events.

You could be a primary contractor with multiple other secondary contractors. But you could also be a primary contractor if you’re the only contractor working your flu event.

There are a few things to keep in mind when storing vaccine for your next flu event. Check them out here, but make sure you also read through the details in the “Flu Event Procedures” section of the TotalWellness Contractor Manual (which is found in the Scheduling System).

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The Seven ‘Rights’ of Vaccine Administration

Posted by Becky Squiers on Wed, Oct, 26, 2016

Proper flu shot administration is a super important part of ensuring a corporate flu clinic that runs smoothly and safely. Unfortunately, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to administering a flu shot—there are simply lots of steps you’ll need to take.

To guarantee you don’t miss any steps, we want you to think about the “rights” of vaccine administration. These “rights” can be found in the handbook as well, and more details are in the infographic below (click on it to make it bigger).

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Partial Vials of Flu Vaccine at Corporate Wellness Events

Posted by Becky Squiers on Wed, Oct, 12, 2016

If you work a TotalWellness flu event, there are a couple different types of vaccine the client might’ve ordered. One of those is a multi-dose vial.

Multi-dose vials are the traditional form of vaccine in which the vaccine is stored in a vial that contains about ten doses worth of flu vaccine. As the nurse administering the shot, you’ll need to draw up the correct dose from the vial.

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Maintain Vaccine Temperature by Conditioning Cold Packs

Posted by Becky Squiers on Wed, Sep, 14, 2016

If you handle flu vaccine at any of our wellness events, you’re responsible for that vaccine as long as it’s in your possession. For some people that might mean your vaccine responsibility starts and ends while you administer the shot at a flu clinic. For primary contractors, the responsibility extends to receiving, transporting and shipping vaccine.

Regardless, if you plan to handle flu vaccine, it’s important to know the environmental factors that can play a role. One of those is temperature.

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The Glove Policy for TotalWellness Contractors

Posted by Becky Squiers on Wed, Aug, 10, 2016

Some wellness event stations require wellness professionals to wear gloves for sanitary and safety purposes. At TotalWellness, those include events like:

  • Fingerstick blood tests
  • Venipuncture blood draws
  • Flu shot administration

The gloves you need for each of these procedures will be sent with the supplies the primary contractor will be bringing to the event. TotalWellness will supply medium-sized gloves. If you need a size other than medium, you’ll have to bring your own.

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Here’s Why You Should Take Policy Updates Seriously

Posted by Becky Squiers on Wed, Jul, 06, 2016

Hopefully you’ve seen our recent updates to our manual of policies and procedures (if you haven’t, please go take a look!). To be sure you’ve taken enough time to consider our new policies, we just wanted to touch base about how important they really are.

We know what you might be thinking. It’s easy to think all healthcare policies are the same, and that because you work with a couple different vendors, you’re covered. It’s even easy to think that because you’ve renewed your licensure, you’re good to go. You might even think that because policies have changed, you’ve done something wrong and are being punished or reprimanded.

The truth is this…an updated manual doesn’t mean we don’t trust you, and it doesn’t mean you’re not doing well.

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The Importance of Paperwork at (and after) Wellness Events

Posted by Becky Squiers on Wed, Dec, 02, 2015

As a onsite wellness professional, it’s easy to assume the most important part of every wellness event is the services you provide.

What’s equally important, however, is the participant consent forms. From a business and client relationship perspective, consent forms are one of the most important parts of any wellness event.

That’s why you won’t be paid until all of the consent forms from your event are safely returned to our corporate office in Omaha. We’re serious about our paperwork, and here’s why.

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Tablet Technology in Biometric Screening Events

Posted by Becky Squiers on Wed, Jun, 17, 2015

With the digital world slowly taking over our lives, it’s about time we got on board. As with any event that deals with private health information, it’s important to make the necessary security measures, which puts us a little behind the times. But, watch out world—TotalWellness now has tablets!

We’ve recently introduced the option of collecting data digitally at our onsite screening events. In order for us to do that smoothly, it’s important that you understand how this new technology works.

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