Tips to Pack a Healthy Lunch for Work

Posted by Becky Squiers on Mon, Jul, 06, 2015
Healthy Lunches

Packing your lunch can be such a great option when you’re making steps towards a healthier lifestyle. It can also save you money and even taste better too.

It can be surprisingly easy to get in the habit of packing a healthy lunch for work. If you’re more of a recipe-follower, feel free to check out our Pinterest board for some great healthy lunch menus. If you prefer to stay on the more general side, that’s ok too! Either way, remember these tips for a smooth, stress-free lunch.

For Preparation

There are a few ways to make lunch preparation easy.

  1. Make extra dinner, and pack up the leftovers. This is a great option because it feels more robust than some typical “brown-bag” lunches.
  2. Have a meal prep day. You could make big batches of meals you like, and divide them up to take to work throughout the week. Then all you’ll need to do is grab it out of the fridge.
  3. Pack your lunch early. You’re much more likely to forget or skip it if you wait to pack your lunch in the morning. Try to put food for lunch in containers as soon as you make it, and throw it all in your lunch box the night before you plan to eat it.

For Supplies

Your lunch utensils are completely up to you. Here are a few staples we recommend.

  1. Quality containers in which to store your food. Whether it’s traditional Tupperware, plastic bags, glassware, or your personal preference, be sure you have quality storage containers so your food stays fresh.
  2. A lunch bag that excites you. It’s best to have a lunch bag that is insulated, so your food stays chilled until lunch time. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s a bag that makes you really want to eat your healthy lunch. There are a ton of great options for fun lunch bags these days.

For Food

Again, this is up to you and what you like. Keep these food tips in mind.

  1. Stock up on the staples. If you use a lot of common ingredients, buy it in bulk. With some, you might even consider storing it at work. For example, we’ve got probably 532 bottles of salad dressing in our company fridge. Just be sure to label which one is yours.
  2. Re-purpose your leftovers to keep things exciting. Nobody wants to eat the same thing every day. If you made grilled chicken sandwiches last night, make a grilled chicken salad for lunch.
  3. Keep water on hand. This is true all the time. Hydration is incredibly important – and often overlooked. Drinking water is healthy and will help you avoid opting for sugary drinks you can find in the vending machine.
  4. Balance out your meal. Try to have at least one fruit, one vegetable, some protein and a healthy carb. Avoid overloading in one area or another by intentionally planning your dishes.

For Motivation

Sometimes the hardest part can be actually wanting to eat your healthy lunch. Try these things to stay motivated.

  1. Pack foods you enjoy. Healthy food can be absolutely delicious. Find what you like to eat, and integrate it into your meal plan.
  2. Do everything you can to remember your lunch. If you have to keep your car keys in the fridge, do it! If you have to put a note on your shoes, do it! If you have to move your fridge in front of the door…well probably avoid that one. But you get the point. Don’t forget your lunch!
  3. Partner up with someone at work. Find a coworker who is willing to join you at your healthy lunch table. When others are opting for fast food and sweet snacks, find your buddy, sit down and enjoy your healthy lunches.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to take back your work day. Start by packing a healthy lunch to bring with you.

What are you favorite healthy lunch recipes?

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