The Ultimate Guide to Cold and Flu Season

Posted by Becky Squiers on Thu, Sep, 29, 2016

Survive Cold and Flu SeasonYou know the story. One employee gets sick, and all the others are soon to follow. An office environment is just the perfect place for an outbreak of a cold or the flu.

But that story isn’t inevitable. There are things you can do to stay healthy during cold and flu season—and things you can do to be sure you have a healthy workforce at your company.

To help you fight cold and flu season, we’ve compiled a bunch of resources for you. We’ve got them all in one place in our new survival guide.

Be Prepared

There are plenty of ways to prevent the cold and flu before they even strike. To avoid a common cold, be mindful of the people around you, as well as your personal hygiene. To avoid the flu, it’s best to get vaccinated.

In our survival guide, you’ll find a couple great flyers about:

  • Being prepared by choosing the flu shot.
  • Avoid a sore arm when you do choose the flu shot.

Check out our guide to download those flyers so you can share them with your employees.

Stay Healthy

When colds and the flu are spreading all around you, it’s important to stay as healthy as you possibly can. That means focusing on your hygiene, and avoiding places where germs congregate.

In our survival guide, you’ll find flyers about:

  • Identifying the germiest places in your office space.
  • Stopping the spread of germs.
  • Washing your hands.
  • Strengthening your immune system.
  • Staying healthy all year long.

Download the guide to have access to all of those flyers for your corporate use.

Handling Illness

Even the best of preventative measures might fail. You could still end up feeling sick this fall and winter. If you or your employees do get sick, though, there are things you can do to bounce back more quickly.

In our survival guide, you’ll find flyers about:

  • Determining whether you have a cold or the flu.
  • Recovering from the flu once you’ve gotten ill.

Download these flyers from the guide to help your employees recover quickly and return to optimal health after getting sick.

Our guide is available right here. Each of the flyers available can easily be printed on standard copy paper. So the resources are ready to be shared!

Are you prepared to fight illness this cold and flu season?

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