The Healthy Habits of One Employee Who's Crushing the Wellness Game

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Thu, Oct, 12, 2017

Jake Schroeder is one of TotalWellness’ newest employees and one of our most inspiring wellness champions. In just a short period, Jake has contributed a lot to our team in both a professional and personal manner. Besides being an IT all-star,  Jake has made an impact on his colleagues through his positive attitude, healthy habits, and insightful conversations.


Since we’ve all learned a thing or two since Jake joined our team, we thought we would share his wellness story to help inspire you too:

Tell us a bit about your role at TotalWellness.

“I started working at TotalWellness around the beginning of August (2017). My main responsibility is the development of our sweet incentive software application, Beata. I also assist with various related tech issues and tasks that need to be done throughout the office.”

How has working at TotalWellness impacted your health?

“It has made me significantly more conscious of everyday tasks or habitual actions – making me more likely to practice healthy behaviors. Just to name a few examples, we have newsletters that are sent out weekly with healthy recipes, as well as programs to participate in which teach you skills to improve your wellness. The programs cover all different aspects of health like sleep, stress, mood, and diet. We also have incentive programs that motivate you to save money and better your health. My personal favorite is the allocated time each employee is allowed to utilize our fitness equipment in the office.

Since I have started working here, I have begun a workout routine that I stick to five days out of the week. I changed my eating habits to reflect a more natural and healthy way of living and have already lost 7.5 pounds in just a couple of weeks. I also stopped my habit of smoking cigarettes – I haven’t smoked in over three weeks!”

 What about your mental wellbeing?

“I deem mind, body, and spirit to all be connected very intricately. So, as an indirect result of working on my physical self, I have also improved my mental wellbeing. If I’m ever stressed or confused about a difficult work task, I simply go to the gym and run on the treadmill for 10 minutes. This helps me get back and alert to the task at hand – which greatly improves my mental satisfaction.”

What healthy habits do you practice each workday?

“I get out of my chair and walk around the office, stretch, or utilize the fitness equipment. I also like to support and smile at co-workers, which exhibits healthy mental and social behaviors.” 

What’s your favorite thing about feeling healthier?

“Definitely the increase in my energy levels and mood. Prior to working here, I felt very sluggish and more opt to pass on opportunities. Now I have the energy to do everything I need and more! Plus, I am drastically more optimistic to any situations!”  

How do you think a healthy atmosphere has impacted the office morale at TotalWellness?

“I have noticed workers being more attentive, social, and genuinely happy to be at work.”

What’s your favorite healthy “perk” of working at TotalWellness?

“Definitely our gym. You are more apt to workout because of its presence, and it helps reduce stress significantly.”

Why do you believe it’s important to practice healthy habits at the office?

“I believe it’s important to practice healthy habits because external change starts within yourself. If you are not in a good mood or are feeling ill, you will not be able to perform or function correctly. This not only drags down your work performance, but it increases the probability that others will not perform their best because this attitude/illness can easily spread.”

What advice do you have for any full-time employees who want to get healthier, but feel that they are too busy to do so? 

“You are never too busy to incorporate health into your life. Little things can improve your day-to-day health – like bringing healthier snacks to the office or walking during breaks instead of sitting around and playing on your phone. You can use an aerobic ball instead of a chair to improve your posture and stay more active. 

I also have a favorite quote by Dr. Sukhraj Dhillon that says, ‘You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday – unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour.’ Again, if you are feeling overwhelmed and busy, you are not going to perform your best. Whereas if you exercise, you can alleviate some of that burden to increase your work performance and possibly save yourself time on that long, ‘busy’ project!”

We are thrilled to have employees like Jake who contribute to a culture of wellness and inspire those around them to practice healthy habits throughout the workday. Jake’s wellness journey has reminded us of the importance of supporting a healthy workplace environment. Encouraging employees to prioritize their mental and physical wellbeing has led to a happier and more productive workforce here at TotalWellness. 

Do you have any wellness champions at your workplace? Feel free to comment below!

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