The Role of Communication in Employee Wellness

Posted by Becky Squiers on Mon, Jun, 22, 2015

Communication in Employee WellnessIf you’ve checked out any of our employee wellness program content, you’ve heard us mention communication. Communicating about wellness is incredibly important. It can truly make or break how widespread your wellness program is.

Wellness communication is important for a few different reasons.

It can be used to explain.

Wellness and work don’t always naturally combine. Some employees might struggle to see the connection. Effective communication can help you explain to your employees why you’re doing a wellness program – and more importantly, why that makes sense.

It can be used to educate.

Fad diets and fitness trends are always changing. It’s very difficult to know what’s truly a healthy habit and how to make healthy choices. Communication can help you extend beyond your specific wellness initiatives so your employees can make sustainable, healthy decisions.

It can be used to excite.

Wellness initiatives can be so much fun! We know that. Hopefully you know that. But, do your employees know that? By communicating about your wellness program, you can motivate employees to get involved and get excited.

It can be used to remind.

Like we said, the work/wellness combination isn’t always second nature. Your employees might be so focused on work, that they forget about the awesome wellness activities you have going on. Keep your wellness program top of mind by communicating as a reminder.

Surely you don’t want to pass up these awesome benefits by lacking communication. So here are a few tips to keep you on the right track.

When it comes to messaging…

Stay positive so your employees don’t feel threatened or overwhelmed. Positive messaging has been shown to lead to long-term change rather than short-lived efforts.

Be upbeat so your employees can feed off your energy. Making healthy choices and developing a healthy lifestyle can be draining. Provide your employees with an energy boost via your words.

Remain encouraging so your employees feel support even if they're struggling. Creating a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy. Be a partner and supporter on your employees’ journeys.

When it comes to timing…

Communicate often so your employees can’t forget about you. Don’t bombard them with an information overload, but don’t let them forget how great your corporate wellness program is.

Communicate strategically so your employees can easily see the benefits. Try to time up your wellness communication with specific company events. For example, if you have a company picnic coming up, tell employees how your program can help with healthy eating choices.

When it comes to style…

Develop a wellness brand so your employees can get a consistent message. Make your program cohesive, and well put together. When employees see your wellness communication they should know just what it is.

Develop communication materials that stand out. Wellness isn’t usually the most prominent thing in the workplace. Make what you have to say pop against the other, more typical work-related communication.

In the end, every company is different. Try different communication styles, messages and timing so you can explain, educate, excite and remind about corporate wellness in your workplace.

How do you communicate about your wellness program at work?

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