The Four Components of a Positive Message [Infographic]

Posted by Becky Squiers on Mon, Jun, 06, 2016

Positivity is the secret ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. Focusing on positivity in your wellness program helps you tap into your employees’ intrinsic motivation—the motivation inherently tied to their personal beliefs and desires. Utilizing intrinsic motivation for wellness leads to long-term change.

Many of the benefits of a positive outlook come from the fact that positive people are more resilient. They’re not only able to more readily bounce back in tough times, but they thrive through those tough times. When the going gets tough, positive, resilient people are the tough that get going.

One simple way to shift towards a positive culture of wellness in your company is to start with positive messaging. This type of messaging strategy involves a focus on the words and communication styles you’re using with your employees.

If you can infuse positivity into those words and communication styles, you’ll be able to foster positive emotions from your employees in regard to wellness. Positive messaging provides the groundwork for a positive outlook on any health journey.

When delivering a positive message, there are four key components that you should keep in mind. These components are:

1. Encouraging: Your message should be motivating and uplifting. It should inspire the recipient to take action or pursue their goals. For instance, you can praise their efforts and offer words of encouragement to keep them going.

2. Personal: A positive message should be tailored to the recipient. It should be specific to their situation and show that you understand their needs and concerns. Address them by name and refer to their specific achievements or challenges.

3. Passionate: Your message should convey a sense of enthusiasm and excitement. Show that you are passionate about the subject matter and that you believe in the recipient's abilities. Use positive language and avoid negative or critical comments.

4. Empowering: Your message should empower the recipient to take control of their situation. Offer actionable advice or support that can help them overcome their challenges. Help them see the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead.

By incorporating these four components into your communication, you can create a positive and impactful message that can inspire and motivate the recipient toward success.

Check them out in the infographic below (you can click on it to make it bigger). Try to work these four things into the words and communication you use, and watch your interactions soar.

Positive Messaging Infographic

These four components make up communication that brings about positive feelings about employee wellness. Focus on these in your wellness communication to shift towards a positive approach to wellness where you work.

How do you plan to shift towards positivity for employee wellness?

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