DIY: Make Your Own Standing Desk With Box

Posted by Becky Squiers on Thu, Nov, 03, 2016

Standing DIY Desk Box You’ve probably heard all the dangers of sitting for a majority of the day. It’s a huge risk faced by today’s working folks because we tend to be tied to a computer desk all day long.

People throw solutions to sitting disease around all the time. Everyone thinks they know how to fight what a sedentary lifestyle does to their bodies.

Some of those solutions might seem like a great idea. But a lot of times, they don’t come without an expensive cost. One awesome, effective and costly solution is the standing desk.

Many people have begun investing in standing desks to allow their employees to stand while they work. Some desks even transform from a regular sitting desk to a standing desk, giving employees the option of standing or sitting while they work.

If there was a solution that provided all the benefits of a standing desk with little to no cost, how interested would you be? That’s right, very interested! Read on to learn the essentials of a DIY standing desk.

Assess Your Space

Take a look at your workspace. Consider where you could put a standing desk element, or what part of your current work setup could be included in making your standing desk.

Don’t get stuck thinking you can only work on one part of your desk. If you turn around or shift your position, something might spark a fresh, new idea.

Find Your Height

After you’ve analyzed your space, you’ll need to think about the height of your standing desk—there is not a standard size. The best part of making your own standing desk is that it’s comfortable to you, your height and your work posture.

A comfortable height usually means you can work without having to distort your body. You don’t need to reach for the mouse, slouch for the keyboard or crane your neck to see the screen. You should be able to stand naturally and reach all of the tools you need.

Get Creative

Here comes the fun part. Wander around your office to gather the resources you need to create your standing workspace. For this step, it’s necessary to think outside the box!

Here at TotalWellness, we’ve got some really creative thinkers. Some standing desks use empty boxes. Others use tables or shelves stacked on desk tops. Still others are simpler, using the overhead cubicle shelving that’s already in the workspace. You can also use books, stools, crates, or even create your own standing platform.

Stand Up

Once you’ve gathered the elements of your standing desk, all that’s left to do is stand up. Set your box/stool/crate/table/etc. on your desk top. Carefully place your computer on that raised surface. And get to work—without feeling tired, groggy or stiff!

Don’t worry about feeling silly or out of place the first few times you stand. Even if your coworkers don’t quite understand, they’ll be intrigued. Pretty soon they’ll be inspired by your creative spirit, and everyone will have stood up alongside you.

A standing desk is a great solution to a sedentary lifestyle—but it can be expensive! Take advantage of all the benefits of standing while you work with almost none of the cost by creating your very own standing desk.

How have you thought outside the box to stand while you work? We’d love to be inspired by your creative thinking. Share your stories in the comments below!

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