Maintaining a Worksite Community Garden All Summer Long

Posted by Becky Squiers on Thu, Aug, 20, 2015

Hopefully you’ve been following along with our garden project this summer. If not, that’s okay. It’s not too late to catch up!

We just want to remind you of the awesome fact that:

You can build a community garden at your workplace!

It might sound daunting, but it’s totally possible. We have the tips and instructions you need to get started in our workplace garden toolkit.

Hopefully you had a chance to browse through Chapter 1 of the toolkit and learn the steps we took to get our garden planned and set up. (If not, check it out here!)

Worksite Community Garden

Because we’re hoping you can learn as we learn, we are now releasing Chapter 2. This chapter is all about maintenance and managing the garden project as it grows. Download the chapter and use the tips to maintain the garden you’ve started at work or at home, or study up to start your very own garden next year.

Planting Garden Goodies

We’re lucky to have our very own garden guru at TotalWellness. With his knowledge and a little internal surveying, we settled on a list of delicious produce to plant. Check out Chapter 2 to learn when and why we planted our delicious homegrown foods.

Establishing a Routine

Developing a routine is possibly the most important part of community garden maintenance. We settled into a routine within the first few weeks of our project and it’s made all the difference.

Having a routine allows for an equal split of work, as well as an equal split of produce to take home. Chapter 2 outlines the steps we took to settle in to a routine.

Harvesting and Distributing

One of the best parts of a community garden is the excitement of fresh produce delivered to your desk at work. In Chapter 2, check out how we harvest and record our produce distribution to make sure everyone is included equally.

Ultimately, Chapter 2 is a guide running a community garden smoothly all summer long. Check out what we’ve done, adapt it to your workforce and let us know how things go.

Keep following along with our garden project using #TWGardenProject on social media. We’ll also be releasing the final chapter of our toolkit this fall, so stay tuned!

What other gardening tips do you have for us?

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