How to Personalize Your Employee Wellness Program

Posted by Becky Squiers on Thu, Jul, 02, 2015

Personalization is important in all aspects of business. Nobody wants to feel like ‘just another statistic.’ This personal touch extends into your wellness program, as well.NameTags

It’s important to personalize your program for a few reasons.

First, it will improve your engagement because it’ll make the program more interesting to your employees. They’ll see things that appeal to them and be itching to get involved.

Second, it’ll require some type of investment on your employees’ end, so they’ll be more likely to follow through. They’ll need to really decide where they want to go by using the program.

Finally, it’ll help drive results because employees will recognize just how the program can benefit them. As they see the benefits, they’ll be more driven to make healthy decisions.

These things sound appealing don’t they? Well good news; they’re not that hard to obtain. All you have to do is consciously personalize your wellness program to each employee. Trust us. It’s easier than it sounds.

Allow Employees to Set Goals

Sometimes it seems more logical to set company-wide goals, or wide-spread standards. If you allow employees to set their own goals, however, the program becomes theirs rather than something forced upon them.

Be Inclusive

This can be interpreted a lot of ways. Inclusive can mean including all people, all aspects of health, and even all benefits. Whichever way you choose to go, make sure you include wellness activities that everyone can participate in and benefit from.

Consider a Portal

If you don’t use a portal already, it might be something that’s worth looking into. Portals allow employees to view and manage their own health and incentive information. This type of engagement makes the program feel like it was made just for them individually, rather than for the entire company.

Get Feedback

Your employees can really be your best resource. Take the time to use surveys or focus groups to learn what they like about your program, what they don’t like about your program, and what they want that you haven’t offered. Just remember to actually USE their feedback after you get it.

While the aggregate results you get from your employee wellness program are important, the whole point should be to help each individual live a healthier lifestyle. Take the time to strike a balance between widespread results and personal touch. Remember to focus on individual goals, inclusivity, portals and employee feedback.

How else do you personalize your wellness program?Wearables in the Workplace

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