Boost Your Immune System to Stay Healthy at Work

Posted by Becky Squiers on Mon, Nov, 07, 2016

Your immune system is what helps your body fight off illness and recover more quickly. It’s your body’s defense against the things that put it at risk—and it usually works really well!

Your immune system is just that, though. It’s a system. There are tons of different parts working together to keep you healthy. Balance is necessary. If one part is damaged, your whole immune system—and your body—is at risk.

What you do, how you live and the healthy choices you make can impact your immune system. Give yourself the best chance to stay healthy by strengthening your immune system.

This infographic outlines some different healthy habits you and your employees can adopt to build up strong immune systems.


It’s a standard size, so feel free to print it, share it or post it somewhere at your workplace. Stronger immune systems mean healthier employees—and that means a healthier bottom line.

How do you take care of your immune system so it can continue to take care of you?

Download Immunity Booster Challenge

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