The Power of Positivity at Work

Posted by Jamie Bell on Thu, Jul, 17, 2014

Picture a workplace where you and your team are able to be your best selves each and every day. It’s possible, and it doesn’t require a massive human resources initiative or expensive company retreat to achieve. In fact, you can create this culture of optimism yourself, simply by refining your day-to-day thoughts, beliefs and actions to celebrate the bright side of your work, your peers, and your life.


Positivity is good both for the bottom line of your business and your employees. It is beneficial for organizations because it leads to higher levels of engagement, productivity and performance. Positive employees are better problem-solvers, are more creative and have enhanced interpersonal skills. Optimism is also good for employees because it enhances their overall health and wellness and can even impact their career growth, leading to better job satisfaction and more loyalty and commitment to their employer. 

To help you discover the important relationship between positive thinking and the workplace, we've created a free 11-page guide that details the research, results, tips and tricks of optimism at the office. Download it here!

We find this philosophy to be at the very core of who we are, and it's the cornerstone of our biometric screening experience. Instead of focusing on risks, we highlight the healthy habits and encourage the intrinsic goals of our participants. 

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