The Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Office

Posted by Jamie Bell on Fri, Mar, 21, 2014

Yesterday marked the first day of spring, which has us wanting to dust off our desks and clean up our computers. Start this season with a fresh workspace with this spring cleaning checklist.

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- Your computer's desktop. Delete unnecessary files and sort needed materials into well-labeled folders. Be sure each document or photo is labeled in a way that makes it easy to search and know what's inside. 

- Your supply drawer. Purchase drawer dividers to sort paper clips, pens, staples and other office supplies in neat, easy-to-grab areas. Throw out any writing utensils that don't work. 

- Your filing cabinet. Whether it's a single drawer or a full cabinet, you're likely storing a bunch of unnecessary paperwork. Toss all unnecessary files and create a clean, organized filing system for all of your important documents. Consider color-coding the files for certain tasks, as well. 

- Your phone. Your desk phone is likely one of the germiest places in your office. Take a sanitizing wipe and clean off the buttons and receiver. Make a note to do this once every two weeks. 

- Your inbox. There are so many employees out there that use a single inbox and just let everything pile up. Create virtual file folders for different projects and tasks to keep important information organized and easy to find. When you get new emails, determine right after reading it whether it needs to be sorted, deleted or flagged for follow-up. 

- Your binders. Three-ring binders are perfect for storing information like process documents or reporting. Keep a three-hole punch in a top desk drawer or within arm's reach so you can punch and file documents as they come in. 

- Your keyboard. Another often-overlooked area of the office is your keyboard and mouse. Remove loose debris, then use a sanitizing wipe or cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean the surface of the keyboard. Try compressed air if you really need to get in between the keys. 

- Your papers. Everything should have a home, and that home is not a miscellaneous pile on your desk. Shred it or file it away. 

- Your decor. That photo of your kids from two years ago or December 2013 calendar page need to go. Refresh the walls of your office with current photos, inspirational quotes and anything else that will help keep you on track and make the space yours. 

- The fridge. There is no way all of the condiments on the door are still good, and the odds are that there is more than one box of leftovers hiding in the back. Post a note on the fridge advertising clean out days; if the day comes and food isn't clearly labeled with a name and date, toss it. 

- The coffeemaker. As one of the dirtiest places in the entire office, give this machine a little extra TLC. A thorough wash of both the pot and machine are needed. Keep a set of wipes on the break room counter to remind people to wipe it down throughout the day. 

Your office cleaning crew should take care of the rest, but take extra responsibility for the personal and shared spaces you use on a day-to-day basis. Remember that a cluttered, messy workspace can cause added and unnecessary stress. Stay organized and set weekly and monthly reminders to organize and clean your desk area. 

What's your best tip for keeping your office space clean? 
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