7 Weekend Wellness Activities to Help You Conquer Stress

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Thu, Jul, 20, 2017

For many of us, the weekends are our favorite time of the week. Along with not having to wake up to that dreaded alarm clock, Saturday and Sunday provide time to relax and participate in some of your favorite hobbies. We believe that the weekends are the perfect opportunity to clear your mind and recover from any built-up stress.


However, sometimes, the weekends can be stressful if you over-commit or try to do too many unpleasant chores. You need to prioritize your weekend around your wellness and happiness. A stressful weekend will leave you feeling groggy, irritable, and anxious – starting off your workweek on a wrong foot.

So, if you want to feel fresh and re-charged while walking into work on Monday morning, try out some of these weekend wellness activities to help conquer stress from the workweek:

Take a morning walk.

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” – Henry David Thoreau

Start your weekend mornings with a stroll around your neighborhood or your favorite park. Taking a brisk 30-minute walk gives your body and mind a great advantage for the rest of the day. You’ll feel more energized, alert, and clear-headed. Walking (especially when outside) will reduce stress and anxiety.

Watch a funny movie.

Get yourself laughing! Laughter is excellent for stress relief. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter soothes tension in the body, stimulates circulation, and aids in muscle relation – reducing some of the physical symptoms of stress. Over time, laughter can even have some long-term benefits, including a stronger immune system, pain relief, and improved mood. So, go ahead: pop in your favorite goofy comedy and have a nice laugh! 

Get outdoors.

Spending time in nature is great for your health in more ways than one. Absorbing the sun and spending more time outdoors helps relieve stress and has even been shown to help prevent depression. There are many different outdoor activities to try, like biking, hiking, photography, canoeing, or camping with your family. Find one you like, and spend part of your weekend outside!


Unplugging is one of the best ways to decompress from workplace stress. The weekends are for you, your friends, and your family – not for any unneeded, work-related phone calls or emails. Keep your phone off when you are able to, and focus on your weekend IRL. Screen time can quickly drain all of your valuable free time if you’re not careful. Putting down your gadgets will help reduce stress and might also help you sleep better!


Ever tried an adult coloring book before? To warn you, they’re addicting! Coloring is a creative way to practice mindfulness, as it allows your brain to shut off thoughts and anxieties to focus strictly on coloring. According to an article by Medical Daily, a brain scientist found that concentrating on coloring might replace negative thoughts and images with pleasant ones. Click here for some free, printable coloring pages!

Get a massage.

Nothing says stress relief like an hour spent getting pampered! Getting professional massages can help reduce both stress and anxiety – as well as make you feel good all over. Massages cause your body to release serotonin and dopamine. These feel-good chemicals trigger feelings of calmness and relaxation. If a professional massage isn’t in your budget, try using foam rollers to massage yourself or ask your partner to rub your shoulders.

Do nothing.

Plan some time to do absolutely nothing but relax. While some people might feel a bit “lazy” or even guilty for spending an afternoon lounging, doing nothing can actually be quite good for you. Leave a few hours of your weekend unscheduled and free of any commitment. Use this time to rest up and recharge. Your body and mind will thank you for it!



Remember that the weekend is your break from everyday life and workplace stressors – treat it as such! Keep your wellness a priority, and try out some of these weekend activities to decompress and enjoy your days off.

How do you relieve stress over the weekends? Share some ideas below!

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