10 Fool-Proof Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated to Stay Fit

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Mon, May, 22, 2017

If you recently started the journey towards an active lifestyle, congrats! You’re on your way to a healthier, happier life. The tricky part about starting a new fitness routine is that the “finish line” can seem a little too far sometimes. We’ll admit, sticking with a fitness routine is hard. But the results make it so worth

In order to achieve and see those results, you need to stay motivated – which can be more difficult than it sounds! If you’ve started new fitness routines before, but it’s just never been able to stick, try out these 10 fool-proof ways to keep yourself motivated:

#1 Set goals

You’ve probably heard this advice time and time again, but that’s because setting goals really is the key to success and motivation. Tailor your goals to your personal fitness level and health, and remember to keep it specific. For example, if you’re just starting to workout for the first time in a while, don’t expect yourself to hit the gym for an hour every day. All goals should be realistic so that you don’t burn out and give up.

#2 Start a fitness journal

Write everything down! Your goals, your triumphs, your progress, and how you feel about your fitness journey. Jot down your motivators of why you want to get in shape and stay in shape. Use this journal to also log in your fitness hours and what exercises you’ve done each day. Keeping a journal will help you stay organized, focused, and hold yourself accountable.

#3 Keep things fun

Contrary to popular belief, working out doesn’t have to be boring or the worst part of the day. Make exercise fun and enjoyable. Compete in a recreational sport that you like, go for a walk with a friend or family member, or try out a new fitness class. Find a physical activity you enjoy doing, and incorporate that into your fitness routine. Once you discover the joy of exercise, you won’t want to quit!

#4 Create habits

Developing healthy habits is the ultimate way to make exercise a part of your routine. You won’t have to stress about finding time for physical activity when it’s already part of your daily ritual. Create fitness habits that work best for you – whether it’s taking a jog first thing in the morning, driving to the gym straight after work, or deskercising while you work. Exercise won’t feel like a chore once it’s a normal part of your day.

#5 Use a fitness tracker

If you don’t own a wearable, it might be time to invest in one. Fitness trackers do a lot of the work for you – making your life a bit easier! Wearables such as the Fitbit, for example, use a silent alarm to motivate you to get up and move each hour of the workday. They also track your active minutes, calories burned, and let you customize fitness goals.

#6 Grab a buddy

Emotional support is a powerful motivator. Try going to the gym with a friend or taking a walk with your dog. If you don’t have any friends that can join you during your workouts, try joining a health club or fitness classes. You’ll be surrounded by people who share similar fitness aspirations, plus you might even make a new friend!

#7 Treat yo’ self

Reward yourself for your hard work! This doesn’t have to mean an ice cream cone after each gym session (as that would be counterproductive!), but do something nice for yourself after making progress. Buy yourself a new workout outfit after a full month of following through with your exercise commitments. Go on a fishing trip with friends after losing a couple of pounds. Treat yourself to a pedicure after noticing new muscles forming. Use a reward that motivates you to keep yourself going.


#8 Be reasonable

Know that you aren’t going to see results immediately. Results take time – sometimes even six months to see physical results. You must accept the fact that it takes more than a couple weeks at the gym to get in shape and look your best. If you don’t, you’ll lose confidence and give up.

#9 Make it about health

Along with being reasonable, you should make your fitness goals about health. This means not working out just to see a lower number on the scale. You should get in shape to feel good and be healthier. Maybe you haven’t lost 20lbs, but you might notice that your skin is clearer, your jeans feel looser, and you have more energy. Focus on these factors rather than weight loss – health is more important anyway!

#10 Respect yourself

Always give yourself the credit and respect you deserve. It might sound cheesy, but maintaining a positive self-esteem will help you follow through with your fitness goals. Don’t ever put yourself down or engage in negative self-talk if you’re not able to do a certain exercise or run as many miles as you planned to. Stay positive and continue to encourage yourself. After all, you are your number one motivator!

Never lose the motivation to stick with your fitness routine. Set some goals, keep track of your progress, reward yourself, and encourage yourself. If you ever find yourself wanting to quit, remember why you started in the first place. Stay positive, and know that you are working towards a healthier and happier you.

What helps you stay motivated and stick with your fitness routine? Share some pointers below!

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