10 Companies with Epic Wellness Programs That You’re Going to Want to Copy [New eBook!]

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Thu, Jul, 27, 2017

Workplace wellness programs are more innovative now than ever. From incorporating wearables to hosting daily yoga classes, companies are stepping up their wellness game. Employers who are dedicated to promoting workplace health, happiness, and productivity are taking a fun and holistic approach to employee wellness. These efforts help drive employee participation and create results that last.


Because we know that brainstorming creative and effective wellness ideas can be a bit challenging, we decided to round up 10 companies with phenomenal wellness programs and summarize their initiatives in an easy-to-read eBook. This eBook will serve as your insight into some of the most successful and dynamic wellness programs. These healthy companies are guaranteed to inspire you with some fresh ideas and creative wellness strategies.

So, if you’re curious about what other companies are doing to create a winning wellness program, look no further! We created the ultimate idea eBook to help you spice up your workplace wellness program. Here’s a sneak-peek of what you’ll find in our free, downloadable eBook:

#1 Google 

Google has been known to promote a healthy, happy life for its employees. Some awesome wellness perks for Googlers include:

  • Financial wellness resources including access to financial advisors and financial planning services
  • Onsite cafeteria with color-coded meals to make it easier for employees to select healthier options
  • Over 1,000 community bikes available all over the company campus

#2 Zappos

Zappos’ corporate wellness initiatives aim to keep wellness culture fun, flexible, and exciting. Here’s how Zappos keeps things fun and healthy:

  • Free onsite and virtual fitness classes
  • Onsite nap rooms available for employees to rest up and recharge
  • Employee basketball tournaments during March Madness

#3 Microsoft

This software company aspires to empower its employees and is committed to supporting employee wellbeing. Some Microsoft employee wellness perks include:

  • Onsite healthcare services including clinics, optometrists, and pharmacists
  • Free Zumba classes, onsite walking/running tracks, along with basketball, volleyball, and baseball courts
  • Onsite personal services including dry cleaning and grocery delivery

#4 Intuit

Intuit knows that health is much more than diet and exercise. The company’s new “Well Minds” program focuses on employee stress and mental wellbeing. Some offerings include:

  • “Fit for Life” program that offers meditation and mindfulness classes as reimbursable expenses
  • Incentives for employees engaging in stress-reduction habits
  • Mindfulness tips displayed around the office 

#5 SAS 

SAS’s work-life and wellness programs help employees and their families reduce stress and nurture positive lifestyle habits. Some employee wellness perks include:

  • Onsite health education programs
  • Bright and open office layouts
  • Subsidized, onsite daycare for children of eligible employees

#6 Draper, Inc. 

Draper, Inc. has been cultivating a culture of wellness for almost a decade now. Employees stay happy, healthy, and productive with:

  • 10-week weight loss challenges that include cash prizes and weekly gift cards
  • Annual health fairs with fun activities
  • Employee walking competitions 

#7 Accenture

According to the company’s website, Accenture believes the health and wellness of its employee are critical to their success. The company encourages healthy lifestyles with:

  • Employee assistance program – support for issues such as stress, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety
  • Online fitness program
  • 24/7 Teladoc services

#8 Schuster Co. 

This trucking company likes to keep its employees healthy while having some fun! Schuster promotes positive employee wellbeing by offering:

  • Guest lectures on nutrition and physical activity
  • Free health coaching calls
  • Employee dedication week filled with catered meals and prizes

#9 Asana

With high ratings in employee satisfaction and engagement, there’s hard evidence that this company is doing something right! Asana helps its employees live a happy, healthy life with:

  • Daily yoga programs
  • Monthly workshops covering difference health-themed focuses
  • Unlimited PTO

#10 TotalWellness

Here at TotalWellness, we know just how important employee health is to success! Wellness is our mission and it’s part of our everyday work environment. Some of our wellness perks include: 

  • Onsite company gym
  • Company garden
  • Onsite Zen room for employees to relax and de-stress

Along with even more wellness perks and ideas, our eBook also offers some advice for building an effective and engaging wellness program – no matter your company size or budget. Click here to download your free copy! We hope to inspire you during your company’s journey towards a healthier, happier workplace.

What awesome wellness perks or activities does your company offer? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

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