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Trade Your Wellness Program For A Wellness Culture

Posted by Jamie Bell on Wed, Jun 18, 2014

A positive worksite wellness culture can play an important role in the physical, emotional and mental well-being of your staff. When your employees’ health is a priority, your workplace becomes more efficient and productive. The office becomes a place that is respectful of the time, talents and lives of the individuals that work there, with clearly establishes roles and responsibilities. While many wellness programs will brag about ROI and throw seemingly impressive statistics, just the creation of a culture that values wellness is enough to reduce sick days and health care costs. desk yoga

As a company that’s built on biometric screenings and flu shots, we understand the importance of the nuts and bolts of every part of a wellness program. Time and time again, we see that just hosting a health screening or offering a wellness portal isn’t the most impactful way of implementing workplace wellness. If you really want employees to be engaged and motivated to make positive health choices, you need to create an environment that supports and rewards those beneficial behaviors. All too often, companies will have a health fair and then turn around and offer free donuts, expect employees to work overtime, or hire poor managers. Ensure that every element of your office is working to provide that strong foundation to develop and reinforce healthy habits. 

To help you create a culture of wellness, we've put together a free guide that breaks down the steps you need to take to cultivate a supportive, healthy environment. From focusing on healthy foods to switching up your mindset, you'll learn seven key factors for improving your employees' physical, mental, emotional and social health. 

Learn more by downloading the free guide here

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