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5 Ways to Create a Great Morning Routine

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Apr 22, 2019

When you wake up each morning, do you start your day off in a rush?

If so, it might be time to consider creating a familiar morning routine to slow you down.

Morning routines can increase productivity, positivity, health, and reduce stress throughout the day.

Developing a morning routine can be difficult, but is worth the effort. For non-morning folks, giving yourself something to look forward to in the morning (coffee, anyone?) can make it easier to get going.

Starting off the day organized builds confidence that the rest of the day will go smoothly. When you have a productive morning routine, it’s guaranteed to make your morning that much more efficient.

Ready to get started?

Here are 5 easy ways to start the day off right:

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7 Healthy Snacks for Work to Supercharge Your Day

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Feb 28, 2019

When the break room donuts are calling your name, it can be hard to stay on track with eating healthy. Sometimes it seems willpower isn't enough to keep you away from those high fat, high-sugar comfort foods.

But, prepping healthy snacks in advance can help you fight the urge to indulge.

By preparing ahead of time and bringing healthy snacks to work, you can cut the very real temptation down. Keeping delicious — yet nutritious — options readily available makes it easier to make a smart choice when you get hungry.

Not sure what to pack?

Here’s a look at 7 healthy snacks for work:

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Q&A with an IO Psychologist on Being More Productive

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Feb 25, 2019

If you wish you were more efficient and productive at work, you’re not alone.

In fact, the demand for increased work productivity is so great that there’s a field of research dedicated solely to it: Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Or, IOP for short.

Over the years, Dr. Kara Fasone, an I/O psychologist and wellness researcher, has applied psychological principles within organizations to help employees maximize their self-awareness, motivation, and performance. She's created and managed a variety of people-focused processes related to employee engagement, talent management, career development, and workplace wellness.

With all her inside knowledge of productivity in the workplace and more, we wanted to pick her brain on best practices.

Below, Dr. Fasone, also the creator of the Wise & Well Academy, shares advice on increasing employee work performance, measuring productivity, and fostering a sense of self-awareness. 

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4 Ways to Avoid a Toxic Work Environment

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Jan 21, 2019

There’s nothing beneficial about toxic behaviors in the workplace.

Whether it’s office drama or constant negativity, the weight of a toxic environment is apparent to everyone who walks in the door — from the CEO to the customer.

It takes consistent policies, proper management, and open communication to keep destructive behaviors to a minimum. Otherwise, bad business practices get out of hand fast.

With preventative measures in place, it’s easier to keep a healthy work environment employees will thrive in and love.

Below, we share insights to what exactly a toxic work environment is and four easy ways to prevent it in your workplace.

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5 Tips for Productive Meetings That Won't Drive Employees Crazy

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Dec 17, 2018

Let’s face it: meetings can be lame — especially early morning ones that go on for way too long.

If you can’t explain what your meeting is about in 20 seconds or less, you probably need to rethink why it’s needed in the first place. By only calling relevant meetings with clear agenda topics, you’ll waste less of everyone’s time.

Meetings can be time suckers or time savers, depending on how each one is run. With a bit of tweaking, though, meetings can still be productive and fun.

Ready to get employees excited about coming to meetings? 

Try these five tips at your next meeting:

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Why Employee Money Illness Makes Your Company Sick

Posted by Seraine Page on Mon, Nov 26, 2018

You may notice when an employee is out with the flu. But have you ever noticed when an employee is money sick?

A house lien. Medical bills. Car repossession. Divorce.

The list of ways your employees can be financially sick is endless. As you may know, employee financial health is crucial to the wellness of your company.

How can you help?

We share our research and tips below.

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7 Healthy Habits For a More Productive Work Day

Posted by Seraine Page on Thu, Oct 18, 2018

Do you ever look at famous successful business people and wonder: how do they do it?

If you’ve seen famous entrepreneurs like Mel Robbins, Tony Robbins, or Warren Buffett in action, it seems they all have endless energy to spend.


They make healthy habits a priority.  They are as busy as the rest of us, if not busier.

Mel does hot yoga regularly (and she actually hates it).

Tony does consistent meditation.

Warren sits and thinks. A lot.

While their particular habits may not appeal to you, there are plenty of options to lead a healthier, more productive life at home and work.

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Can a Desk Plant Improve Employee Wellbeing?

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Thu, Aug 23, 2018

Your physical workspace is more important to your health than you might think! Office employees spend about 40 hours a week at their desks, which is why a healthy workspace is important not only your work performance but to your physical and mental health as well. One of the easiest ways to make your workspace a little healthier and more enjoyable is by adding a plant. Research has shown that by simply adding a plant to your desk, you’ll help boost your wellbeing.

The 2015 Human Spaces report, which studied 7,600 office workers from 16 countries to examine the impact of the physical office environment on employees, found that employees who work in office environments with natural elements (including natural sunlight and greenery) report a 15% higher level of wellbeing, and are 6% more productive and 15% more creative. Unfortunately, the researchers also found that about 58% of workers have no live plants in their workspaces – despite the positive effects office plants have on employees.

Indoor plants offer a wide variety of incredible wellness benefits. Keep on reading to learn about how office plants can affect your wellbeing. Plus, we include some tips on which types of plants you should get for your workspace! 

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Try Out These 11 Tips to Defeat the Afternoon Slump

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Mon, Jun 04, 2018

Ah, the dreaded afternoon slump. It’s a classic hallmark of office life. As soon as 2 p.m. hits, it feels like all your energy is gone and you can’t seem to concentrate on work no matter how hard you try. Fortunately, there are a few healthy tips you can keep up your sleeves to use help beat those pesky afternoon slumps.

Check out these 11 energy-boosting tips that will help you finish the workday strong: 

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How to Keep Vacation-Minded Employees Productive and Engaged Over Summertime

Posted by Robyn Whalen on Mon, May 07, 2018

Summertime is just around the corner! With longer days and beautiful weather, it’s no surprise that work might not always be your employees’ top priority throughout the season. In fact, 25% of people report feeling less productive in the office over the summer months. That’s why it’s crucial for employers to learn and implement some new strategies for successful summertime management.

While productivity and engagement are two critical factors for most employers, it’s important to realize that employees deserve a little fun during this lively season. Below, we share seven tips to help employers keep employees productive and engaged over the summer – without sacrificing the excitement the season has to bring.

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